A recent study indicated that most millennials sleep naked. The reasons cited included the following:

  • More convenient. It’s one less thing to have to think about. When waking up in the morning, the naked sleeper simply needs to hop in the shower.
  • It feels more natural and most indicate it is more comfortable to sleep naked.
  • It’s more environmentally sensitive by reducing the need to wash clothes or run the air conditioning.
  • Sleeping naked keeps you cooler in hot summer months.
  • For the non-single, it promotes more lovin’.
  • 15% of people claim it helps keep their privates free of encumbrances.

The survey polled both men and women, finding that a much higher percentage of men are prone to sleep naked than women. For the majority of millennial men out there, another great way to add to the enjoyment of your naked sleeping habit is to be sure you do so after you manscape.

Sleeping Naked After Manscaping

There are a couple of additional benefits to sleeping naked after manscaping (shaving your entire body). First, is the feeling of being between the sheets without any body hair to pull and tug against the fabric is a glorious experience. For men used to the hairy version, the shaved version is something unique and more comfortable. I would liken it to switching to a safety razor from a cartridge razor. Once you go there, you never come back. Sleeping naked after manscaping is the same. There is no feeling quite like it.

Second, while shaving your body doesn’t necessarily keep you cool in the summer, it can help you better regulate to the right temperature when when you are sleeping–studies indicate this is between 67 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have you tried to sleep naked after a manscaping session? If so, we would love to hear your experience in the comments. Thanks for visiting!

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