Until recently, old-school hair maintenance products like pomade were considered more relevant to your grandpa. In parallel to the resurgence in old-school shaving techniques–including wet shaving with straight and safety razors–there has been similar concurrent outgrowth in more classic hair-styling products and techniques.

We now live in a world where your hair and beard style is more dependent on your personal preferences than any current social fad. The post-1950s and 1960s era saw a shift toward the longer hippie look that excluded oils and lubes as a hair style. The following advertisement reflects the sentiment of a newer generation that directly rejected the wet look:

In a world where the “Man Bun” even existed, those who use pomade and other similar gels should be safe from too much criticism. In short, the options for your own personal hair style is greatly expanded.

What’s your personal preference for your hair maintenance?

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