When the warm months roll in, and the sun is beaming on your backyard, it’s that time of year to invite your friends and family over for a good old fashioned barbecue.  After all, what screams “summertime” more than everyone having a great time enjoying magnificent foods al fresco?

If you’ve never planned a barbecue before or just want to learn a few ways to up your game, look no further than these tips for a fantastic summer barbecue.


Although the decor isn’t obligatory when throwing a barbecue, it can be the wow factor which turns a good party into a great one. Consider what kind of decorations would be appropriate for your particular theme.

For example, if it’s a holiday, you can go with a decor that reflects that.  If you have a fence, you can attach string lights or even banners which can be a fun way to add more color and light.

Tiki torches are a great way to keep the bugs away and also provide light for your guests.  You can never go wrong with good lighting when having an outdoor party.

Plenty Of Seating

Although some people like to sit on the grass, there may be a few guests who prefer to sit in a chair.  Make sure that you have more than enough seating for all of your guests. Since they’re going to be eating, it’s more comfortable to sit upright with a table.

By providing proper seating, you’ll demonstrate that you’re making an effort to ensure your guests are comfortable.


Tunes at a barbecue are a must! You can allow your guests to control the music themselves, or you may choose to create a barbecue playlist.

Ideally, the music should be upbeat and happy since it will keep your guests feeling that way.  Try to keep an eye on how loud it gets since you don’t want to step on any neighbors’ toes.


Even though eating and drinking are some of the best activities out there, it can step up your game to provide some extra activities which encourage guests to interact.  When guests are given something to do which involves being playful, it can transform the vibe of your event.

Table Spread

Your barbecue should have all of the right food ingredients from the pasta salad to the perfect summer fruits.  Make sure that you put it all out on a table spread which ranges from starters to desserts.

By making it a buffet style barbecue you’ll have much less work to do, and guests can serve themselves as they please without having to wait for their host to get it for them.  Just don’t forget to refill the platters when they start to run empty!

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