Hot, sweaty days can produce hot red chafes, especially if you’re an active, working man. Preventing crotch chafe is typically an afterthought, unless you’re a recurring victim. To avoid being a recurring victim of rabid, pain-inducing crotch chafe, we have put together a simple shortlist of tools and products that will help you avoid the chafe and get back to work.

    1. Don’t shave. It’s likely counter-intuitive to see advice NOT to shave on a shave blog. However, when it comes to preventing crotch chaffing, the more hair, the merrier. Hair acts as a buffer between skin-on-skin contact. It’s nature anti-chafe mechanism. Shaving can make the chafing doubly worse, especially once the stubble starts to grow back. This is one of the main reasons we advise against shaving ye ole’ buttcrack. As the stubble grows back, it can create a wicked chafe.
    2. Powder. Using some type of medicated or non-medicated powder in your crotch is paramount to keeping away the chafe monster. Because chafing occurs from both skin-on-skin rubbing as well as cloth-on-skin rubbing, having a dry powder barrier between these two types of layers helps to prevent the all-too-common chafing that can occur. Just don’t use too much:


  1. Lubricate. Much like powder, lubrication (not moisture–there is a difference) can provide the gliding barrier needed to prevent the irritations incident to chafing. If you exercise, this is an important and critical component. If you exercise and manscape, then you’ll need to double down on the lubrication. The best tool is to purchase some crotch lubrication spray from Ball Magic. Otherwise a typical carrier oil, like those found in beard oil can help.
  2. Clothe. When you’re looking to reduce the amount of friction and chafing to the nether-regions, proper clothing is critical. For the regular and active exerciser, the right clothing can help wick away moisture and provide a moving barrier against further chafe-age. For instance, wearing jeans or pants on a five mile run would be inferior to say gym shorts or spandex. If you’re exercising, briefs and boxer-briefs are preferred to boxers.

While an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, treatment of crotch chafe after the damage has already been done is a relatively simple process.

Further lubrication using a more simple carrier oil, especially one that does not include essential oils (they can burn and cause greater irritation) or simply using a petroleum-based jelly like a Vaseline or Bag Balm can help soothe while at the same time prevent further chafing.

Treatment of existing chafes may also include an active barrier between skin and clothes or skin and skin contact. For instance, tape or band-aids can be placed over affected areas of the crotch and groin. Marathon runners are a great example of this as many will add preventative band-aids to their nipples before starting a race.

Good advice.

You also can’t win a marathon without preventing chafing in other areas as well. Stay protected out there.

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