When was the last time you gave thought to your testes?

It’s probably something you don’t think about very often. Why would you? You’ve never been told there were products that would work well for your little boys.

On the other hand, large personal grooming product companies tell you everyday that you should scrub here, deodorize there, but in their effort to provide products everyone needs, they have avoided the taboo areas that likely need the most help.

Let’s talk about the issues inherent in your junk a bit.

Like your armpits, your crotch is an area of massive perspiration. In fact, due to it’s location, in some cases it gets more combined perspiration than both your armpits combined–especially for the desk-working man. Swamp butt is synonymous with swamp junk.

And, if you’re into manscaping–you know the cowardly process of removing all of your bodily hair–further exacerbates the problem by removing the very tool that helps reduce friction.

Not to mention the friction and chaffing that occurs in the most active, sports-loving men among us.

Finally, we have produced a product that solves:

  • The friction
  • The chafe
  • The virus and bacteria
  • The stank

Did we mention it provides a cool refreshment for the wayward traveler?

Stop making your testicles an afterthought. Think ahead. Get yourself some scrotum sprayand take care of the nuts that take care of you.

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