We just launched some new cartridge razors to our line-up of subscription shaving blades. It’s the simplest program you can get. We offer all blades and no bull. No extra nice marketing stuff will be shipped to you. We will not try and up-sell you on some over-priced shaving cream which we have tried to re-brand as butter and we definitely won’t be forcing after-shave down your throat.

Cut Out the Frivolities

Some might claim that a single blade is the way to go, but there are so many other ancillary products you need just to get the shave done. The truly hard-core single-blade shavers typically have an expensive shave soap or shave cream, a brush, a stand and after-shave splash. All of these items add up to additional and wholly unnecessary expenses, especially when you factor in the cost to ship.

If you shave in the shower, you can easily do so with just a  simple cartridge razor handle and cartridge blade. We will ship you those cartridge blades straight to your door every month.

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