Not every razor is a fit for every situation. There are razors based on aggression, razors focused on the weight of the handle, razors with slanted heads and razors for beginners. Not all safety razors work in every scenario. In short, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for shavers looking for that smooth, perfect glide. Thankfully, varying the type of safety razor head you use can help to greatly customize your regular shaving experience.

But, what is the best safety razor for those who shave infrequently?

Shaving infrequently means that when you do shave, your facial hedge will include longer follicles and a thicker mane. It means your safety razor blade will be doing a bit more work. The razor itself should also be designed to help slice more quickly through the longer hairs. For those who shave once a week or less, a more aggressive razor is advised.

What are the various types of aggressive razors? What makes razors more aggressive?

Blade gap, blade exposure and blade angle (slant) are all contributing factors to safety razor head aggression. The greater the exposure of the blade, the more aggressive the blade will be at cutting the hairs. In short, your safety razor becomes less “safety” and more “razor” as you increase the exposure to the razor blade.

Slant and open comb razors provide a more aggressive shave than their closed-comb counterparts due in part to the increased gap/exposure between the comb and the head as well as the shaving angle. For this reason, those who may shave only once or twice per week (or perhaps even less frequently) may find the best safety razor to be one that includes either an open comb or a slanted head.

Open Comb Safety Razor For The Win! 

If I am either 1) chopping through a beard or 2) shaving facial hair that has been growing for three days or more, I prefer to use a razor with an open comb head. Open comb heads with a bigger blade gap are perfect for shaving longer hairs.

Our recommended open comb safety razor (the Lincoln)for longer facial hair.

First, the longer the hair the more the hair will actually get in the way of the comb on the head. Open comb provides more space for the hairs to flow through, especially as you cut through thicker, longer hair.

Second, open comb safety razors typically have a larger blade gap and are more aggressive. The more aggressive the razor, the more easily it will cut through hairs that are more stubborn and more than simple stubble.

Slants are great for aggression, but they often lack the ability to cradle the hair while it is being cut, something the open comb head can perform very well, especially as one shaves from the proper angle.

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