Finding a quality, cost/environmentally conscious hair removal tool can be much more challenging than it appears on the surface.

We have previously discussed how safety razors are better for the environment and have a lifetime cost that is greatly dwarfed by their cartridge counterparts. But, that still doesn’t answer the question that many of our current and previous customers have asked, “what is the best safety razor for my particular situation?”

As with many of life’s purchases, a time of “new beginnings” can prompt the research into products that may suit a given need for life’s next adventure. Whether you’re a man or a women, no better time for the purchase of a safety razor occurs then when you first pack your bags and head off to college or university.

If you are seeking an inexpensive, practical and low-impact gift for a friend or family member heading off to college, a new quality safety razor is a great gift. As a personal item, the razor is typically used at regular intervals, if not daily. As a result, such a gift can have the receiver remembering its benefactor long after the gift has been given.

Best Safety Razors for College

Whether you’re purchasing a razor for yourself or for a newly-matriculated college student, the following key considerations will be helpful in determining which safety razor is the best fit.

  1. Is this a starter razor?
  2. What is the preferred comb type?
  3. How frequently will the razor be used for shaving?
  4. Is the razor for a man or a woman?
  5. Will the razor be used for travel?
  6. How long will the you plan on using and holding the razor?
  7. What is your budget?

Most of these considerations would hold true regardless of whether or not you planned on using the razor in or outside of a college dorm room, but they are nonetheless important in making this determination. We will discuss each as we roll through our favorite razors for college students.

Anodized Rainbow Safety Razor

Our most popular razor among both men and women is our Anodized Rainbow Safety Razor. Its style is only matched by its practically-built closed comb design and medium-weighted handle which has circular grooves, making it easy to grip. These features make it great for shaving in the shower or shaving your legs.

This particular razor is available at the very reasonable price of $29.99, but its design and construction will ensure the razor will last a lifetime, well beyond its use as a college shaving tool.

Snarky’s Heavy Duty Line

Snarky’s brand razors include a line of heavy-handled, closed comb safety razors. These razors are great for both beginner and experienced wet shavers alike. Their design includes a perfectly-weighted handled-to-head ratio, allowing the weight of the razor to perform most of the heavy lifting of cutting the hairs. The only missing piece is your favorite double-edge safety razor blade.

One of our favorite double edge safety razors: The Lil’ Chubby.

The Snarky’s heavy duty safety razor line includes the following:

These razors perform similarly under similar circumstances. The real differentiating factor between them is their given style. What style will you be?

Travel Razors

Built with travel in mind, we provide an overly-shortened safety razor handle for the traveling college student. Because of the length of the handle, this Travel Safety Razor is likely best employed by someone with a bit more experience on the proper angle and technique of wet shaving. It fits great in a travel pack or toiletries bag and works well for long hiking trips through whatever mountain range your college adventures may carry you.

This quality razor is available at the affordable price of $16.99.

3D Printed Safety Razors

Some of our more hipster college customers have been very interested in some of our 3D printed safety razors. These razors have come of age as 3D printing has exploded.

The downsides of a 3D printed safety razor include: lack of long-term durability and no real weight and heft to the handle or head. Pound for pound, they cost about as much as a comparable metal safety razor. As such, we typically advise the purchase of longer-lasting metal razors over some of the available 3D printed options. However, if you are interested, you can pick one up on our website for about $20.

Your options include:

Other Razor Options

There are certainly many other options available when choosing the right safety razor for college. Other features to consider include longer handled razors as well as open comb and slant comb razor head types. If you or your intended razor recipient are new to wet shaving with a safety razor, it is advised that you opt for the most less aggressive options when it comes to safety razor hardware. Closed comb razors with longer, heavier handles tend to perform better for those who are just starting out.

Don’t worry. Shaving with a safety razor is more intimidating than it sounds. I always tell people that the difference between a beginner and an expert is about two weeks.

If you’re experienced and have the ability to quickly adapt to your razor type, feel free to explore the gambit of safety razors we have available on our website. You are likely to find something that fits you fancy.

What safety razor did you use in college? What advice would you give to a college student looking to purchase a new razor as s/he matriculates into new university curriculum? 

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