Since the shaving culture has shifted over the last decade, the popularity of the safety razor has also soared. However, despite its popularity, many men still struggle with idea of switching to a  safety razor for their morning shave. This is because most grew up using cartridge razors, and there are a few myths surrounding safety razors. One such myth is that safety razors cause more cuts.

Fortunately, using a safety razor is quite easy. In this article, we are going to put those myths to rest, and provide some tips on using a safety razor.

The Benefits of Using a Safety Razor

Although there are numerous benefits to using safety razors, the primary benefits include reducing blemishes and gaining a clearer complexion. This is because the cleaner cut promotes healthier skin.

A safety razor also makes applying a lather easier. Working up a good lather is important for ensuring a quality shave.

4 Tips for Using a Safety Razor

  1. A Not-So-Right Angle: To ensure that your safety razor is effective, position the razorat a 30-degree angle. The reason angle is important is because this is the angle at which the razor is most effective at cutting the hair without creating friction. Friction leads to razor burn and other skin issues. The proper angle ensures the razor does the work without requiring a significant amount of pressure from your hand.
  1. Go with the Gain. Shaving WITH the grain is critical. Many men admittedly shave against the grain, which does more harm than good. Shaving with the grain allows you to shave and effectively cut the hair on the first pass, which reduces blemishes, breakouts, and other common skin issues associated with improper or insufficient shaving.
  1. No Pressure: When using a safety razor, avoid applying too much pressure. Shaving with a cartridge razor means you have to apply more pressure on the razor. Pressing the razor on the face creates friction, which leads to razor burn, ingrown hair, and acne breakouts. Safety razors require little pressure because the blades do the work so you don’t have to.
  1. Change Your Shaving Mindset: Remember that you can’t completely get rid of your facial hair as it constantly grows. But you can control it. This is the mindset you should have while shaving.

Therefore, it’s important to note that a safety razor will not completely rid your beard or stubble; rather, the safety razor reduces your beard. Shaving with the grain provides the smoothness to the touch.

Shaving with a safety razor can be incredibly rewarding. Furthermore, a smooth, easy shave that leaves your skin looking and feeling great is easily accomplished simply by following the tips above. Remember, if you are looking to avoid cuts when shaving with a safety razor, be sure to use a new blade.

By educating yourself on how to shave the right way, and how and why a safety razor works best, we are willing to bet you will switch from the traditional cartridge razor to a safety razor for good. With a little practice, and a little extra time spent each day, you will be able to enjoy a better shave and clearer, cleaner skin.

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