We are pleased to announce the addition of some of the Dorco multi-blade razors to our cartridge razor line-up. Specifically, we are now selling the following products:

  • Dorco’s Pace 4 — Perhaps one of the best shaves available with 4 blades. This razor is comparable to the biggest competitors in the market.
  • Dorco’s Pace 6 Plus — This razor cartridge set boasts what others in the industry did not achieve until later: 6 blades in a single cartridge. We are typically advocates of “less is more” when it comes to razor blades.

Unfortunately, the typical shaving subscription options for the Dorco products do not apply. “Other” vendors (you can likely guess who they are) have exclusive rights to distribute the Dorco products on a subscription basis.

Yes, we are big advocates of single blade wet shaving, but we also believe there is a place for multi-blade cartridge razors and safety razors in the same medicine cabinet.

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