Using the “old-fashioned” safety razor for daily shaving is making a comeback. However, many shaving neophytes still question the type of razor they use. Most prefer using the multi-blade cartridge razor. When you take an objective look at the pros and cons of each type of razor, using a safety razor delivers a better shave than a cartridge razor, although both have their place in the world.

While shaving with a safety razor might involve a little extra time than using a multi-blade cartridge razor, the benefits of spending a few extra minutes on a shave clearly outweigh the drawbacks. Despite some fear and anxiety around using safety razors, their benefits are becoming more widely known.

So, should you ditch the cartridge razor for a safety razor? Here are several reasons why.

A Clean Face: What purveyors of multi-blade razors don’t tell you is that the majority of shaving issues and razor burn are caused by the friction of the blade against the skin. Many of today’s cartridge razors are designed with built-in aloe-soothing strips at the top of the cartridge to help reduce friction. However, it isn’t necessarily advertised that way.

Instead of using multiple blades cutting the same hair, a safety razor cuts the hair at its proper angle and length only once. Therefore, there isn’t any real need for a lubricating strip. Using a safety razor is the only solution for eliminating friction.

Stability: One of the reasons for nicks and cuts while shaving isn’t necessarily due to the blade itself; it’s actually due to the shape of the razor and how it is handled. The weight of the handle itself combined with the blade construction makes the razor heavier. This means greater durability and stability, giving the user more control and a good handle (literally) over his shave.

Handling a razor that is too light causes the user to inadvertently put excess pressure on the razor during handling. This amount of pressure presses into the skin rather than allowing the blade to glide smoothly and gently along the skin. This results in more cuts, nicks, and friction.

Increased Satisfaction: Men who accept the challenge of making the switch to using a single blade safety razor often feel a little nervous and apprehensive. As we mentioned briefly above, there are a number of myths surrounding the use of safety razors, most of which are related to more nicks and cuts.

However, the reality is that more men prefer the single-edge safety razor because they can control the razor more effectively and avoid nicks, cuts, razor burn and blemishes. As a result, most men who use a safety razor agree that once they adjust to using one, they immediately see a better shave.

Using a safety razor is a great way to get a good shave and to take care of your face. In order to get the most out of your shave, consider using other tools such as a shaving brush and a proper shaving cream. These tools coupled with a high-quality safety razor will make a huge difference in the quality of your shave.

The safety razor was trusted by your grandfather, so ditching the cartridge just might be one of the best things you do for your skin. Give yourself the shave you deserve!

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