As the wet shaving culture becomes more mainstream, many aspiring shavers wonder about whether or not a shaving brush is necessary. The idea of using a shaving brush to work up and apply shaving cream lather to the face seems like something out of a 1950’s barbershop.

In the old days–and still frequently today–shaving brushes were made with badger hair. Badger hair shaving brushes were ideal because of their stiff, thick, and soft bristles.

However – like most great things from the past – the shaving brush serves an important purpose.

Here are three important reasons why you should use a brush for shaving:

1. Exfoliation: One of the most important things to consider with wet shaving is proper exfoliation. Using shaving gels or foams during and after shaving is a good idea, but you may not remove dead skin cells or other irritants. This can end up clogging pores, creating unwanted breakouts, blemishes, and pimples.However, using a shaving brush can help avoid common skin problems associated with shaving. As you apply shaving cream with a brush, the fibers lift and remove dead skin cells, oils, and other contaminants that otherwise get between the blade and your whiskers. This is the primary cause for those little, red bumps and razor burn—the bane of every wet shaver.

2. Working Up the Perfect Lather: How many wet shavers think working up a lather is done by simply using shaving gel and applying it to the face? Although this is what most of us are taught, it actually ends up causing hair to mat or stick to the face, making it more difficult to shave.

Use a shaving cream instead of a gel or foam will ensure a great shave. The lather applied with a shaving brush slightly lifts your whiskers, allowing you to get into the crevices and lines of your face. By ensuring that the hair on your face is straight, this makes the job of the razor that much easier.

3. Less Shaving Problems: Everyone reading this article has experienced razor burn as well as those annoying bumps, nicks, and pimples that seem to appear without fail a day or two after shaving.However, as mentioned briefly above, using a shaving brush lifts hairs and exfoliates. Applying a shaving cream lubricates your face, allowing the razor to glide easily and reduce friction. Less friction, less irritation. Less irritation, fewer blemishes.

Wet shaving hasn’t changed much since the barbershop days of the 1950s. In fact, shaving is still an art today that is appreciated by most men. Badger hair shaving brushes can still be found today; however, synthetic shaving brushes are also available today. Synthetic shaving brushes effectively recreate positive shaving effects.

If your goal is to perfect the art of shaving, then one of the most important items to consider is a shaving brush. When shopping for the best shaving brush, don’t forget to pick up a great shaving cream along with a mug for whisking the shaving cream to ensure a smooth, quality shave.

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