Should you bother shaving for the holidays?

If you care about your appearance before friends, family or a significant other, or how you might look in pictures, then the answer is probably yes.

No-Shave November

No-Shave November is a movement that brings awareness to men’s health issues. “No-Shave November” is when men grow out their facial hair for the entire month. So, by the time December 1st rolls around, many men have some pretty impressive beards. As a result, men either can’t wait to shave, or enjoy their new bearded look.

If you enjoy the bearded look, you want to ensure it is clean, neat, and properly trimmed for the holidays.

However, if you can’t wait to shave, then be sure you are prepared with the right tools and blade to avoid a serious hack job right before your holiday family get-togethers.

Using great products and applying proper shaving techniques makes your face cheek-pinchingly perfect for the holidays. Avoid furtive glances and intrusive questions with a proper shave before your next holiday party or family get-together with these shaving tips below.

Use the Right Products

As we mentioned in the previous point, regardless of whether you prefer the clean-shaven look or enjoy having a beard, it’s important to use the right products to care for your hair and skin.

If you prefer the beard look, then be sure to find a high-quality balm or oil to keep your facial hair looking clean and healthy.

Clean-shaven folks should use a good moisturizer to help keep skin radiant, healthy, and clear. Using a moisturizer also helps hair grow in the proper direction, making it that much easier to shave.

Be sure to also avoid products that contain questionable or potentially harmful ingredients. For example, alcohol is one ingredient that is commonly used in astringents and aftershaves that may not be the best thing to put on your face. Alcohol can severely dry out your skin, leaving it susceptible to damage. Severe dry skin can also be incredibly painful, especially if it becomes cracked or dry in cold weather.

Commit to a Shaving Style and Technique

Using high-quality products and committing to a facial hair style are imperative. If you are thinking about trying out a new facial hair style or adjusting your shaving technique, you may not want to do that right before dinner at your grandmother’s or if you are meeting your new girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

It takes a few weeks for facial hair to grow correctly; therefore, trying to grow out a new beard may not be the best idea right before the holidays. If you have a facial hairstyle that you enjoy,  stick with it—at least until after the holidays are over.

4 Tips for Holiday Shaving

In addition to the suggestions we included above, there are several other ways to ace a holiday shave. Here are several ways to ensure that you only get compliments during holiday gatherings this year:

  1. Change Blades Frequently: Safety razor blades should be changed after approximately eight shaves (or more or less, depending on shaving frequency or hair length and thickness). Change blades frequently in order to reduce the risk of a blade becoming dull. If you choose to shave with a dull blade right before a holiday gathering, you can almost guarantee razor burn, breakouts, and painful ingrown hairs.
  1. Keep Your Shaving Routine: The holidays can be stressful; therefore, it’s important to stick to your current shaving routine. Even though the holiday season is by far the busiest time of year, and we all seem to have even less time on our hands, be sure to at least make time for a great shave. Sticking to your routine will avoid rushing through your shave at the last minute, which almost always guarantees nicks and cuts.
  1. Keep a Travel Kit Handy: Many men travel for the holidays. Keep a shaving kit prepared and well stocked with your favorite travel-size shaving products will ensure that you can enjoy a nice shave, regardless of where the holiday season takes you. Don’t rush at the last minute to fill the bag – take care of your holiday shaving kit before December.
  2. Shaving Products on Your Christmas List: Want to save money on shaving products? Put your favorite shaving accouterments on your Christmas list!

Tis the Season (for Shaving!)

Everyone wants to look their best during the holiday season. Make sure you start off the holiday season on the right track by having the right products and techniques ready to go. Many men are likely to have the same idea as you. So, be sure to stock up on your favorite shaving products and keep your shaving kit well stocked before those products run out at the store.

Taking care of your hair and skin will ensure that they take care of you during the holiday season.

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