Every man reaches a point in his life when he masters the art of shaving. Whether this came from his father or grandfather’s teachings or his own first-hand experience, he eventually learns the secrets of wet shaving.

However, in our fast-paced lives, we don’t always put in the time and dedication to getting a smooth, enjoyable shave.

In fact, you may question the type of razor you use, or even your shaving techniques.

If you use an electric razor, and aren’t seeing the smooth shaving results that you are looking for, then it may be time to ditch the razor and choose a single- or double-edged razor for a quality shave.

Read on to learn some of the following secrets to getting a better shave that you probably didn’t know.

Water Temperature Matters

The first rule of thumb is that water temperature matters. Your father or grandfather may have taught you that using hot water works up the best lather. However, warm water works best.

Warm water not only opens the pores effectively, but it also helps exfoliate the skin without ridding the skin of its natural oils. These natural oils help reduce friction from your blade, which provides you with a better shave.

Can the Can

Yes, canned shaving cream is super cheap. But if you extract the already-added water out of canned cream, you may be surprised at the pound for pound cost.

You also get what you pay for—this also goes for your shave.

Canned shaving cream contains many ingredients can potentially harm and irritate the skin. In fact, depending on your skin types (i.e. if you have sensitive skin), then you might be more susceptible to skin irritation than other shavers.

So, if you want a better shave, then the first thing you should do is can the can. Rather, use a shaving soap or even tubed shaving cream. These products are often made with higher quality ingredients that help you work up a better lather and that are also better for your skin.

Follow Directions

Okay, we aren’t just referring to shaving instructions here, we are also referring to the direction in which your hair grows. Shaving with the grain is a primary rule of shaving. Shaving against the grain is often a painful experience with which you may be all too familiar. Shaving with the grain is one of the most important things to remember while shaving.

Reduce the Pressure

We mean this quite literally. The success and enjoyment of your shave ultimately depend on how much—or little—pressure you use while shaving. Excess pressure increases friction, which is the primary cause for razor burn, every shaver’s arch-nemesis.

By applying little pressure while shaving, you ensure a smoother shave without any irritation or friction burn. This may mean you have to switch razors to one with a handle or style that is a better fit for your hand. By using a razor that fits comfortably in your hand, you will be less likely to inadvertently apply too much pressure while you shave.

Getting A Better Shave is Easier Than You Think

Wet shaving might take a little bit of practice, however, it can make all the difference in the shave, and the overall look and feel of your skin.

The next time you pick up your razor to do a quick shave, think again. By putting in a little extra time in preparation, getting the right water temperature, and rethinking how you handle your razor, you can get a much better shave.

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