The quick answer: not really.

You can purchase the same razors, at the same expensive prices at your local drug store. In many cases, if you look around, you can buy them in bulk and get discounts of 20-50%. That is, as long as you don’t mind storing them somewhere.

The initial story sold by the shaving clubs of the world is that joining such a club will save you money apart from expensive name-brand razors–which is certainly true. There is a slight marginal, but often not-that-meaningful difference in the cost.

But the real factor that a shave club offers is the convenience of not having to think about purchasing blades on a recurring basis. And this is a real benefit, especially for a man who hates to go into the store.

If you’re truly looking to save money on a shave, your best bet is to opt for the shave that includes blades that cost between $0.10 and $0.25. While the initial cost to get into safety razor shaving is a bit higher, the on-going, recurring price will save you thousands over a lifetime.

The margins on cartridge razors are absolutely ridiculous. It is estimated that it costs Gillette about $0.10 to manufacture the Gillette Fusion razor blade, while they charge about $4.00. It’s great for the corporate profits, but effectively bad for consumers.

Companies use many differentiating factors when comparing themselves against the competition quality, convenience, service and price.

Wet shaving provides the solution to price, quality and convenience, particularly if you want the products shipped directly to you. It’s it’s money (or the environment) you are looking to save, get rid of the cartridges and shift to the safety razor revolution.

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