Wet shaving enthusiasts (and possibly environmentalists) are horrified to see people use shaving “cream” out of an aerosol can. Despite popular belief, canned shaving creams prioritize convenience over facial care, and do not properly care for your face.

The Beginning of Canned Shaving Cream

Like the cartridge razor, aerosol cans are designed to make shaving less time consuming. Aerosol cans solved the problem of home shavers furiously whipping a badger hair shaving brush to create a less than adequate lather. The introduction of the aerosol can reduced time spent on the morning shave. Those who could afford professional shaves headed to barber shops.

But, why pay for a professional shave when the can and cartridge are less expensive? Aerosol shaving creams and cartridge razors were mid-20th century inventions that made men’s grooming more efficient.

However, today’s shaving creams and soaps are much easier to lather than pre-aerosol ancestors. Still most men prefer to use canned shaving cream.

3 Reasons to Can the Can

Here are some reasons why you should can the can for the brush, cream, and lather method.

  1. Displaced Water: There are many petroleum-based chemicals in shaving cream cans necessary for lubricating the skin. Lubrication is necessary because the propellant expelling the shaving cream dries out the skin.

However, oil repels water, and water is essential for a smooth shave instead of the “yank and hack” method. Warm water draws out and softens hair. This allows the safety razor to cut the hair instead of the multi-blade razor yanking the hair forward and hacking it like a machete hacking an overgrown lawn.

  1. Dubious Ingredients: Chief among multisyllabic components necessary for canned shaving cream is Propylene glycol. You may have heard of Propylene glycol before. It is what is used in brake fluid and antifreeze.

Still not dissuaded from the shaving cream can? Consider the effects of Propylene glycol noted in several studies. These studies have shown a definite link between exposure to Propylene glycol and increased risks of eczema and asthma. Other studies show connections between Propylene glycol to dermatitis and kidney abnormalities.

If you’re dead set on using canned shaving cream, make sure it’s free of Propylene glycol.

  1. The Illusion of Saving Time: Canned shaving creams and foams boast of saving a shaver precious time in the morning. This is a fallacy. Today’s premium shaving soaps and creams provide a higher quality of facial care and only add a few minutes to the shaving process, at most.

For people eschewing the brush and whisk method of creating a shaving lather, there are plenty of premium shaving cream tubes available. Rich with natural ingredients, premium shaving cream that comes in a tube applies to the face just as easily as canned shaving cream. The only difference? You nourish and moisturize your face rather than drying it out, or potentially harming it.

The End of Canned Shaving Cream

Despite its lack of proper facial care, conventional aerosol shaving creams populate the shelves at many markets and continue to be high-selling products. Are canned shaving creams more convenient and save you time? You bet. Do they provide you with proper facial care? Far from it.

Can the can and find the best shaving cream or shaving soap that works for you and your skin type. You can read reviews of the best products, and finally give your face the tender loving care it deserves.

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