Both men and women spend a good portion of their lives in the bathroom, removing hair of some kind. In fact, it is estimated that the average male will spend more than six months of his life simply removing facial hair. Yet, most men consider shaving a chore or burden–a task to simply check off a never-ending list of “to dos” for the day. Our mission here at is to change that sentiment. Here we will discuss:

  • How you can improve your overall shaving experience
  • How you can save money while still getting the best shave of your life
  • What products are best for the perfect shave
  • How you can improve techniques and processes for a more enjoyable shaving experience

The following expert tips should help you not only improve your overall shaving experience, but also save you money in the long term.

  1. Prepare your Face. The best shave requires proper preparation. Preparation involves both process and product. We typically advise to shave after you shower. Doing so ensures your skin is supple, your whiskers are hydrated and your face is clean from bacteria.
  2. Get a Single Blade Razor. The best shave of your life will typically involve a double-edge safety razor, not your one-size-fits-all cartridge razor. While using a safety razor does require a bit more skill, your ability to customize and achieve a much better all-around shave will be greatly enhanced by using a single blade for the following reasons:
    1. More blades means more scrapes. Think of it: a five blade razor means five blades are scraping your face at the same time. You might make multiple passes with a single blade, but it’s still less than the six passes you will make with a single swipe of your Dorco Pace 6 Plus.
    2. You have more control. By having a single blade, you maintain a higher level of control. You control the amount of beard growth you are able to shave off. It’s not a one-size-fits-all.
    3. It’s more hygienic. You will be able to swap out blades more frequently and you won’t have six blades with ample area for bacteria to grow.
    4. It’s more economical. Single blades costs about $0.10 to $0.40, which is much less than even the cheapest cartridge razor.
    5. You’ll feel more manly. Plain and simple.
  3. Short, Slow Strokes. Don’t take long, broad strokes across your face. The tighter the strokes, the cleaner your hair follicle removal. In taking shorter strokes, it is also advised that you rinse off excess shaving soap/cream and stubble left on the blade between strokes. This clears the blade from accumulated build-up for the next swipe.
  4. Know Your Grain. Take some time to map out a customized face shaving map according to your face’s hair grain growth. Once you know the direction of your own hair growth (it is different for everyone), then take you first pass with the grain (WTG), second pass across the grain (XTG) and third pass against the grain (ATG). In some cases, one or two passes will do, but for the baby-butt smooth feel, take time to do all three.
  5. Avoid Alcohol …or anything else that will dry out or irritate your skin post-shave. The cardinal post-shave sin is using an alcohol-based after-shave. It can not only sting wildly on the most minor of abrasions, but it also dries the skin out. Alternatively a nice post-shave lotion or balm is much more helpful to keep your skin properly hydrated and moisturized.
  6. Be Gentle. We’ve mentioned before that more often than not safety razor shavers need to let the razor do the work.

This list is not meant to represent a catch-all of the various ways and means you can implement for achieving a high-quality shave. However, it should help you move in the right direction. Consult us today for a free shave consultation by calling 866-SHAVENET or visiting our website at


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