One of the areas in which most wet shaving enthusiasts are especially fastidious is creating the perfect lather. In addition to using the right shaving cream, creating the perfect lather drills down to using the right shaving brush.

What You Should Know About Shaving Brushes

Thanks to the availability of shaving guides, there is a wealth of information on how to select the right shaving brush. Before delving into any guide, it’s important to understand that the shaving brush is designed to exfoliate the skin and raise the hair away from your face. This enables the perfect lather and ensures the blade glides smoothly over the skin.

Shaving brushes come in a variety of bristle types. For example, many are made with real animal hair, such as boar’s hair, horse hair, and even badger hair. Shaving brushes made with badger’s hair are the preferred choice of most shaving aficionados.

3 Top Things to Consider When Choosing a Shaving Brush

So, which shaving brush is best for you? Here are some things to consider when choosing the right shaving brush.

  1. Brush Stiffness: The stiffer the brush, the less water it holds. This means that working up a lather is more difficult. However, if you prefer a durable brush, then a shaving brush with stiff bristles may be best for you.Badger hair shaving brushes are more pliable, but shaving brushes with boar bristles and horse bristles are stiffer. Badger hair shaving brushes also work up the best lather for wet shavers.
  2. Handle Shape: Shaving brushes should feel comfortable in your hand. The construction of the brush is simple: bristles, knot, handle. The width of the handle is determined mostly by the width of the knot. The loft height of the brush simply refers to how far the handle and bristles extend.All in all, choose a brush that has an appropriate handle for your hand. You want to be sure your shaving brush is easy to use and doesn’t feel awkward. Therefore, it may take some time researching and handling different types of brushes to find the one with the best grip and feel.
  3. Animal Hair: Some people may have a problem with using a shaving brush that is made with real animal hair. Again, this comes down to personal preference. Horse hair brushes are made by clipping a horse’s mane or tail. Boar’s hair and badger’s hair brushes are made by harvesting the hair from the animals.There are also synthetic bristle shaving brushes available. And in an effort to compete with the badger brush, the overall quality of synthetic bristle shaving brushes is improving.

All in all, wet shaving should be an enjoyable and even an artistic process. And with the proliferation of high-quality wet shaving products, it is easier than ever to choose the best shaving brush for your facial skin.

Check out brush guides, do your research, and choose a brush that will give you the perfect lather for the perfect wet shave.

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