When your razor lacks a swiveling pivot head and the safety of a lubricating strip, you are more likely to have issues when attempting to shave around hard angles and lumps. There are several areas where this can be a major problem: under the nose, over acne, along the chin-line and–of course–the Adam’s Apple. This brief post will help you understand a few ways you can best capture and clip the hair around your Adam’s Apple without cutting, nicking or otherwise irritating the area.

For some, the Adam’s Apple can be a real struggle. If you’re not aggressive enough, stubble remains making your shave look less-than-professional. If you get too aggressive, your neck could look like an old-fashioned butcher shop. Here are a few quick tips for shaving the skin on and around your Adam’s Apple:

  1. Proper Preparation & Hydration. Every single shave requires proper shave preparation. In the case of the Adam’s Apple, a double-dose of exfoliation, heat and water can better prepare the area for both the ideal cutting of the hair and also the ultimate prevention of cuts and nicks.
  2. Plenty of Cream or Soap. Follow-up your hydration with a good layer of shave soap or shaving cream.
  3. Angle Experimentation. It is true that a great shave requires experimentation. Your Adam’s Apple is the perfect example. For many men, the hair that grows around the Adam’s Apple can grow in many squirrely directions. Knowing the direction of the hair growth can help you prepare to shave the right direction.
  4. Stretch the Skin Away from the Lump. Perhaps the best technique that can be applied in shaving the area around your Adam’s Apple is done by pulling the skin taut away from the Adam’s Apple lump so it can be more easily accessed on a flatter surface for shaving. Once you have stretched the skin away from the lump, simply glide your razor through the hair follicles. In doing so, it is often best to stretch the hair on both sides in two different directions. Doing so, ensures you are able to completely rid the area of hair on both sides of the Adam’s Apple. Pulling up and down and even swallowing can help move the Adam’s Apple into varying positions, allowing you a better angle from which to find and cut some potential rogue hairs.

Just because your razor does not pivot, swivel, heat-up and lubricate you, does not mean shaving with a safety razor is an inferior shave. It just means the operator needs to understand how to best use techniques that will improve the shave without the need of more high-tech hardware.

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