Before I started shaving with a safety razor, the most frequently I would shave was maybe three times a week. In most cases, I would only shave once or twice a week.

The problem I had was that a daily shave with a cartridge razor would cause razor bumps and razor burn.

Once I finally started shaving with a safety razor, I became much better at customizing my DAILY shave–emphasis on daily.

When I shave daily with a safety razor, I typically only take a single pass. Doing so, causes less irritation and still gets me the close shave I am looking for in my daily routine.

If I skip a day, I take two to three passes if the hair is especially long.

Using the safety razor allows me to more fully customize how I shave my face. One important difference in how I shave with a cartridge razor vs. my safety razor. In order to get the customized shave I desire, I need to spend more time pampering and preparing my face for the shave.

I also didn’t enjoy shaving everyday until I started wet shaving with a safety razor.

Shaving is now a much more enjoyable experience now that I’m wet shaving.

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