Whether your a man or a woman, there is a high likelihood at least part of your regular grooming routine involves some type of hair removal, using some type of razor. The process and procedure of how you take the time to remove said hair can vary widely. 

For some, the daily shave routine includes a bar of soap and a basic cartridge razor while taking a hot shower. For others, a badger hair shaving brush, some high quality shave soap and a safety razor are more typical.

Whatever your routine, it may be important to understand the environmental impact of your daily shave routine and how your habits may be contributing to the problem and not the solution.

There is a segment of the population of both men and women who leave their cartridge razor in the shower, allowing them the convenience and comfort of shaving while they shower. Some do so with the aid of mirrors in the shower  and some do so simply by feel. In one sense, this is likely to be considered the ultimate experience of a true wet shave.

However, that extra five, ten or fifteen minutes you spend shaving in the shower, is leading to extra running time on the shower head. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a tree-hugging hippie, this practice will do more than hurt the environment. Depending on where you live, a lack of conservation on how you shower can also have a significant impact on your water bill, further adding to the overall cost of shaving with a cartridge razor vs. the cost savings of a more traditional safety razor.

Being water-conservation minded when it comes to shaving in the shower (for both the environment and your pocketbook) is one other reason to switch from a cartridge razor to a safety razor.

One other benefit from not shaving in the shower is staying more sanitary as well as the need to change out the blade less frequently. Razors that remain in the shower are:

  1. More likely to accumulate bacteria. A wet razor that resides in the shower–especially if more people use that shower than who own the razor–is more likely to accumulate the bacteria that can cause things like razor bumps and razor burn.
  2. More likely to rust more quickly. More rust means a shorter blade longevity. Shorter blade longevity means you will be changing out those cartridges more frequently. While the shave clubs may the greater frequency of purchases, it’s again less-than-ideal for your own finances.

It could certainly be an option to stop storing the razor in the shower or to simply stop shaving in the shower altogether. We suggest the latter. We also suggest giving a safety razor a try.

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