There are literally thousands of online shaving videos, most of them on Youtube. In the last decade thousands (perhaps more) individual shavers and providers of various accouterments and shaving hardware have flooded the online video with regular postings intimating their latest #SOTD (“shave of the day”) or some (most likely biased) review of the latest soap they tried or some new razor.

Others regularly post the latest “how to” videos, showcasing time-tested (and all-to-oft-repeated) videos that have been rehashed hundreds of times on Youtube

and elsewhere.

If you want to know “how to shave with a [fill in the blank] razor?” there is a video for that and countless other varied shave skills as well.

Almost All Promotional. It’s difficult to take many of the online videos without some grain of salt. While there are many out there, few provide 100% unbiased information. Sometimes it’s 100% clear that the individual has an ulterior motive behind their posting. Worse still are those who are not as clear as they could be about their reason for clogging the internet airwaves with more content on “the lost art of wet shaving.”

Overly Dramatic. I certainly wish I could experience the splendid aura of some of the shaves I have seen, but there are overly dramatic descriptions of soaps, pre-shaves and aftershaves. Some of these people talk about shave soaps and the lather such-and-such brush produces with the soap in such a way that you think they are going to make love to the things later.

Too Long. Unless the video is completely instructional in nature, it should not be 20 minutes long. If you are taking 20 minutes to complete your morning shave, then you are not doing it right. Yes, you want to have an enjoyable shave, but the shaving videos out there

Too Much Industry Nomenclature. Yes, there are a few wet shaving nerds out there who spend time watching other people shave. But, for the rest of us, we don’t like to hear about how your shaving lather “peaked” or that the “feedback” of your razor is really great today. I would liken it to a snob sipping on some fine wine and using adjectives only reserved for an 18th century British monarch. It’s just ridiculous how overly effusive some of the language is to describe the shave some people are having.

It is true that not everyone has extreme incentives. I do need to admit that there are plenty of people extremely passionate about letting everyone else in the world know about wet shaving without getting compensated for it. I guess those are the ones that should be a bit more flamboyant about their presence.

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