A shave does cut the hair from the face, but it is also an important part of facial care. One way to ensure a proper shave is to work up a good lather. In fact, a good lather does more for a shave than simply making it easier for the blade to glide.

Why A Good Lather is Important

First and foremost, the lather works as a lubricant, which reduces friction. A frictionless shave protects your face from razor burn, blemishes, nicks and cuts.

A good lather also allows the hair to stand on end, making it easier to cut. Hair that gets matted against the face creates more friction and results in an uneven shave.

The lather also exfoliates, which is a critical part of the shaving process. Without a good lather, dead skin cells remain on the surface of your skin, clogging your pores, dulling the blade, and preventing it from working properly.

A Lather of Hacks

Now that you have a better understanding of why a good lather is important—not only for the quality of your shave but also for your skin—you might wonder how to get the best lather to ensure the best shave.

The good news is getting a good lather isn’t particularly difficult. You may need to make a modest investment in the right products, but once you experience the perfect wet shave, you will likely agree that the investment is worth it, and your face will thank you.

Here are some tips on how to get the perfect lather:

  1. Use Good Tools: Cutting corners doesn’t pay. Therefore, be sure to purchase a reasonably-priced shaving brush. You may not necessarily need to purchase the most expensive shaving brush that you can find, but make it a point to avoid purchasing lower-quality and cheap shaving brushes and shaving creams. Cheap shaving creams also won’t give you the optimal lather.

Be sure to also avoid shaving gels that come in pressurized cans. Rather, use shaving creams and gels that come in squeeze tubes. Because wet shaving is becoming more popular, shaving gels in squeeze tubes are more common, and can be found in supermarkets and local pharmacies.

  1. Work the Lather: Working up the perfect lather might seem easy, but it may not be as simple in practice. Many shavers get frustrated because the lather is too runny or the brush doesn’t apply it properly. The key here is using enough water.

If your lather is not foaming, then add more water. However, avoid using too much water. If the lather is falling off the brush, this means your brush is too wet. Understanding the relationship between water and a lather will ensure that your shave is much more satisfactory.

  1. Apply in a Circular Motion: Many use a shaving brush incorrectly. Therefore, once the lather is created, the hair doesn’t stand on end, which results in a poor, uneven shave.

Lightly brush the lather onto your face in a circular motion. This will get the hair to stand up and trap dead skin cells in the lather instead of matting everything against your face. This will ensure a much better shave and healthier skin.

A Better Look and Feel

Once you master the art of creating the perfect lather, shaving will become less of a chore or more of an enjoyable experience. You will immediately recognize and feel the difference. Your face will look and feel smoother, and will remain blemish free. The first step is to find the best products and then follow these tips to create the perfect lather.

After some practice, you will have a greater appreciation for a good lather and quickly make it a part of your routine.

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