There is a ton of information in the form of wet shaving blog articles, product reviews, and case studies all claiming that their shaving products are the best.

Shaving cream, shaving soap, aftershave, pre-shave oils—you name it.

Wait… pre-shave oil? Is there really such a thing? Is it necessary? Some shaving enthusiasts say “yes”, claiming that pre-shave oils have real skin benefits. Others, however, believe pre-shave oils are simply just another marketing gimmick.

So, is a pre-shave oil really necessary? We wanted to know, too.. So, we listed the top pros and cons of using a pre-shave oil, and put together a super-quick, easy-to-follow guide on how to use a pre-shave oil.

Pre-Shave Oil Pros

To start, here is a list of the top pre-shave oil advantages:

– Pre-shave oils serve as a natural lubricant and are generally safe for the skin
– They are made of only two or three natural ingredients: carrier oils, essential oils, and Vitamin A or E oils.
– Help razor blades to glide easily, ensuring a smoother and comfortable shave
– Serve as an excellent moisturizer
– Pre-shave oils can also be used during the post-shave process or even used as a beard oil
– Can help prevent razor burn
– Ensures a better shave than canned shaving cream
– Adds an extra layer of protection to the skin when used with a double-edge safety razor

Pre-Shave Oil Cons

Conversely, here is a list of the top pre-shave oil disadvantages:

– Pre-shave oils manufactured with essential oils can be incredibly potent.
– Using products with essential oils too much can cause skin irritation
– Some pre-shave oils are manufactured with synthetic ingredients, which can compromise the overall quality and comfort of your shave.
– Cannot prevent razor burn by itself as a standalone product

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons.

How to Use Pre-Shave Oils

So, if pre-shave oils have a number of advantages, why don’t more men use it, or know what it is? Perhaps one of the primary reasons why pre-shave oil is often overlooked is because there is some confusion on how it should be used during a shaving routine.

Shower First: Some men believe they can use a pre-shave oil instead of taking a shower. This is always a mistake. It’s still important to thoroughly wet your face with warm water prior to shaving. This will ensure a close, comfortable, and smooth shave, and can also help prevent razor burn.

Ah, razor burn—the arch nemesis of shaving…

If you persistently suffer from razor burn, know that pre-shave oil will not prevent it as a standalone product, but it can help. Taking a shower or using warm water prior to shaving helps open up the pores, and stimulates and enlarges the hair follicles on your face.

Your face has now become the perfect environment for shaving. Your razor can easily glide along your skin, reducing friction—and, yes, razor burn.

Before, Not After: Additionally, pre-shave oil should be applied before using any other product, such as shaving cream or shaving soap. You only need a dime-sized amount to get the job done.

Razor Points: If you are looking for a high-quality razor that won’t cost a fortune, try using a safety razor. A safety razor delivers a much better shave than those cheap cartridge razors. It also prevents nicks, cuts, breakouts, acne and razor burn rash.

Although a safety razor will do a much better job at giving you an enjoyable shave, it does require some upkeep and maintenance to ensure its longevity and a quality shave.

Get in the habit of thoroughly rinsing and sanitizing the blade before and after each use. Don’t forget to change out the blade often. This is the easiest way to spread bacteria on your face, which inevitably clogs pores and causes acne.

After Shave. Once you have finished shaving, consider using pre-shave oil again. This will keep your skin well hydrated throughout the day.

Survey Says: Pro Pre Shave

If you are trying out some pre-shave oils for the first time, be sure to start with a small amount to prevent severe allergic reactions. If you have incredibly sensitive skin or suffer from severe acne, then you may want to consider speaking with a licensed dermatologist or physician prior to trying a pre-shave oil.

All in all, there are a number of advantages to using a pre-shave oil. Not only does it thoroughly hydrate the skin, but a quality product is also made with natural ingredients, which help nourish the skin, keeping skin looking smooth and healthy.

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