Although we cater mostly to the men, the tips and tricks inherent in proper shaving techniques on the face also directly apply to shaving the legs and the bikini area. Some of the skin in the areas we will be discussing here are at least as sensitive as the face, which means the application of care is equally needed and the principles here are equally applicable.

Preventing razor bumps and razor burn in on the legs and bikini area can be easily avoided with a few of the following key pointers.

Shave Last. Wash & Exfoliate First 
Shaving meant to be accomplished in several sequential steps. Washing and exfoliating the skin prior to actually shaving will not only remove dead skin cells from around the area, but will also help to cleanse the area from unwanted bacteria that can exacerbate the situation when in-grown hairs emerge. In short, keep it clean.

Don’t Leave the Razor in the Shower 
Leaving a razor in the shower is tantamount to instigating a riot against your legs and bikini lines. By leaving a razor in the shower, you’re simply inviting corrosion and bacteria to collect on the blades. If you’re like most women and you do shave in the shower, just be sure to remove your razor blade from the shower when you are done, dry it off and put it away.

Warm Rinse, Finish With a Cold Rinse 
Before you start your shave, rinse your legs and bikini area with warm water–as warm as you can stand. This will ensure the hairs soften and the pores are open. When you are finished shaving, rinse your legs again with cold water. This will effectively close the pores and better prevent razor bumps from forming.

Use a Man’s Razor 
Yes, you heard right. Men’s razors are not only generally sharper than women’s razors, they are often cheaper thanks to the oft-spurned pink tax. Men’s razors are typically designed sharper because facial hair is not only more course and thick, but the skin on the face itself is often more sensitive. While it may not be a pink razor, it is likely to do a much better job at a less expensive cost.

Change the Razor Frequently 
A dull razor is more likely to create razor burn and razor bumps. Old, wet razors are more likely to transfer the bacteria that creates the infections incident to razor bumps. Make sure you change your razors like clock work. To stay stocked, subscribe to a shave club.

Use Coconut Oil  
Much like aloe vera, coconut oil can help provide moisture, but it also acts as a natural lubricant to the area which will inevitably prevent the rubbing that creates the irritation and bumps when you get razor burn.

Avoid Synthetic Underwear 
Cotton breathes much better than synthetic underwear. When your undies don’t breathe properly, it creates more heat and sweat in your crotch and bikini area. When you sweat more, bacteria has more to feed on and it can multiply more rapidly. More bacteria increases the likelihood of razor bumps.

So, ladies when it comes to avoiding the annoyance of razor bumps, these few pointers should be rather helpful. Leave any additional suggestions in the comments below.

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