The old-fashioned safety razor has attracted a number of people searching for a great wet shave, and those who appreciate the art of wet shaving. Throwing away the cartridge razor is the first step towards giving your face the smooth, quality shave it deserves.

There are many reasons why people prefer cartridge razors. They are easy to use and avoid cuts and nicks (unless you use the razor incorrectly, of course). But, unfortunately, the glory of a great wet shave is lost with a cartridge – especially as replacing cartridges can dent your bank account over time.

In addition to the low initial investment and the lack of skill required to master cartridge shaving, the benefits of safety razors are clear.

Read on to learn several reasons why choosing a safety razor for wet shaving is the ideal option, and why the safety razor is preferred over the cartridge razor:

1. Fewer Blades, Less Irritation: Big razor companies perpetuate a myth that the more blades on a razor, the smoother the shave. This is just not true. Running a razor across the face causes irritation. It’s that simple. Therefore, three, four or even five blades in a cartridge clearly create friction, which irritates the skin.

On the other hand, the safety razor simply cuts the hair once. And a single pass with a safety razor is just as effective as the five-blade razors.

2. Fewer Blades, Less Money: Safety razors provide astounding yearly savings compared to cartridge blades. If you own a cartridge razor, prepare to spend upwards of $240 per year! (Depending on you shave on a regular basis, of course.) That’s a lot of money to spend on an irritating shave. Literally. 
While a safety razor requires roughly an initial outlay of $30, the refill blades for safety razors are absurdly cheap. (You can get 100 new blades in a single pack for $13!) If you break that down, the math comes out to $.13 per blade (per year). Think about it: $.13 per blade versus $3.75 per cartridge. The choice is obvious.

3. Sanitation: If you could see what is on a cartridge after shaving, you would never use a cartridge more than once again. The reality about cartridges is that they are simply unsanitary. In fact, the reason why shaving with cartridge razors typically causes acne breakouts and other blemishes is because you are essentially shaving with a dirty blade—regardless of how diligent you are about rinsing and cleaning it.

Again, on the other hand, a safety razor only has one blade. Therefore, cleaning the blade is easy and there are fewer places for dead skin and gunk to build up.

Shaving with a safety razor is increasingly popular because it is cheaper over the long term, safer, sanitary and provides a quality, smooth, and less irritating shave. Although it can take some time to master the safety razor shave, the results are clear. Save some money—and your face—and invest in a great shave.

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