It is an understatement to say that most shavers object to the high costs associated with shaving products. Because maintaining facial hair is a must for most men, razor companies take advantage of this and charge high prices.

As a result, most men feel like there’s no getting around paying high prices for shaving.

However, saving money on shaving is possible and easy, without sacrificing a good, quality shave.

Read on for some tips on how to find the most affordable shaving products, and save money on shaving.

Razor Price Inflation

Time Magazine refers to shaving as one of life’s “most annoying rip-offs.” Quoting an article published by the Wall Street Journal, Time stated that customers are eager to save money on shaving.

According to analyst Ali Dibadj, “There aren’t more razor blades than years ago, [the industry growth] is through pricing.” High prices are the primary reason why shavers use a pair of denim jeans to sharpen dull razor blades.

The Cartridge Conundrum

Cartridge razors are still incredibly popular despite their high prices. Many consumers circumvent the costs of replacement blades through programs like The Dollar Shave Club. Many have also figured out DIY ways to make their own shaving cream to help offset the recurring cost of cartridge replacements.

With a price point of near $4 per cartridge, cartridge customers are revolting. In fact, cartridge razors are a money pit, costing individuals nearly $200 per year. Furthermore, the increasing cost of replacement cartridges is a major reason why many shavers have switched to using a safety razor.

Why Safety Razors Save Money

Yes, some safety razor models are more expensive upfront, depending on the type. There are a handful of safety razor models that make great options for beginners who are interested in trying their hands at using safety razors.

Regardless of the type of safety razor you choose, you can save significantly from purchasing replacement blades. Purchasing a pack of replacement blades for a safety razortypically costs approximately $0.10 to $0.50 per blade at most. And, not only can the blades be recycled, safety razor blades will last longer if you clean them.

Since the replacement blades for safety razors are significantly cheaper, shavers are typically less likely to try to squeeze out one more good shave using a dull blade. Like cartridges, safety razor blades should be replaced every six to eight shaves.

Safety razors also provide a closer, satisfying, and a better quality shave, making the initial investment well worth it.

Tips to Save Money on Shaving

Most wet shave enthusiasts will swear by ditching the cartridge razor for a safety razor. Shavers who use electric shavers claim they are easy to use, and eventually pay themselves back over time without having to purchase cartridge razors.

Regardless of your shaving preferences, you can still save money on having products. And here are some tips on how to do that:

Buy Online: This isn’t earth-shattering news, but sometimes shopping online can be cheaper, especially if you can take advantage of free shipping. Much like other shaving products, safety razor replacement blades are also ridiculously cheaper online.

Switch to A Safety Razor: As we discussed above, safety razors can be little more expensive upfront but are a better investment over the long term. As you gain experience using a safety razor, not only will you enjoy getting a smooth, comfortable shave, you will also be able to use your savings to invest in a more sophisticated safety razor model and accessories.

Join Razor Clubs: The Dollar Shave Club is the most well-known example. Some brand name razor companies and other manufacturers are getting into this game as well. If you prefer using cartridge razors, these programs can save you some serious cash.

Shaving Shouldn’t Be Expensive

All in all, if you are tired of the high cost of shaving—regardless of the type of razor you prefer to use—there are some ways to get creative and cut costs. Although some shaving products might cost more upfront, you will save more over time from having to purchase replacement cartridges.

Shaving shouldn’t be expensive. Use these tips or a trusted pair of jeans to save a few bucks.

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