There comes a point in every man’s life when his father tells him the secrets of wet shaving. As we have learned over time, Dad is neither Superman nor the repository of all accumulated human wisdom – even on the subject of wet shaving.

Fortunately, part of life is learning, and when you learn some of the secrets of wet shaving, you will no longer dread taking the time to remove pesky facial hair. You may question why you ever considered switching from a wet to an electric razor…

Of course, wet shaving is more of a deliberate process than using an electric razor. And much like all things requiring a steady hand, the satisfaction gained from a wet shave far exceeds that of a dry shave.

Read on to learn some of the following secrets to getting the perfect wet shave, how to ensure that your facial skin stays healthy, and that the blade glides with minimal irritation – the key to a perfect shave!

  1. Preparation is Critical: Do you remember your father teaching you that hot water is the key to a wet shave? Turns out, we took Dad literally. How many times do you splash your face with hot water and then get a lather? The truth is that your lather is terrible if this is your go-to method.Simply use warm water – not hot – and wash your face with a facial soap. This properly exfoliates the skin while ensuring that enough natural oils remain to reduce friction with the blade.
  1. Can the Can: The cheap way to shave is with canned shaving cream. However, many ingredients in canned shaving cream actually irritate the skin rather than moisturize it. Use tubed shaving creams instead; and use a brush to get your lather.Badger brushes are usually the standard – especially in the old-time barber shave – but the key is the ingredients. Be sure that any product you use contains all-natural ingredients to keep your skin healthy and nourished.
  1. Know Your Grain: Hair grows in a certain direction. It’s important to keep this in mind while shaving. If you accidentally shave against the grain, this can result in painful ingrown hairs that look as awful as they feel.If you do insist on a close shave, don’t shave 180 degrees against the grain; rather, do passes at 90-degree angles. Make sure to re-lather beforehand in order to avoid nicks and ingrown hairs. Also, be aware of the multi-blade cartridge when wet shaving. Because there are multiple razors, it is imperative to shave with the grain rather than again it as these blades cut the hair multiple times.
  1. Less Pressure, More Success: Men love the “If Some is Good, More is Better” approach with, well, everything. However, this isn’t necessarily the best approach when it comes to shaving. The more pressure you apply while shaving, the worse your shave will be. Instead of a smooth face, your face will be full with irritation and nicks. The key to shaving is less pressure.In order to find the right amount of pressure, tilt your head to the side and lay the razor on your face. That’s the optimal amount of pressure. The best part is this allows the razor to do the work. Work smarter, not harder. (Yes, even with shaving.)

Wet shaving is perhaps one of the best ways to care for your face. In order to effectively wet shave, taking these secrets into consideration is a must. The good news is the little bit extra time and consideration you put in will be handsomely rewarded. Literally.

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