As part of our firm commitment to a growing community of shavers, we are actively working to let you choose the best shave that fits you. Whether you’re into one, three, five or fifteen blades in your razor head, we’re here for you.

Here’s how our try-before-you-subscribe shave club works: 

  1. Chose and subscribe to one of the five different cartridge razors we offer on our website.
  2. After making your selection, simply email us at shave[at], letting us know you saw this article and we will send you a test selection of three of the five razors we offer.

When we send you the test selection, you will also receive a handle and a couple of “test” razor blades with your order so you can amply test each of your desired and chosen styles to see which fits best with your particular shaving routine.

No need to ship back anything. You can keep each of the handles. Once you have decided which works the best for you, we can then alter your subscription to fit your individual needs.

This method of testing with our customers does two things.

First, it lets our customers experiment to find out which type of shave best meets their particular needs. It’s something we thought we would want and we are passing that fulfilled desire on to our customers. You’re welcome :) 

Second, it provides us with the ample market feedback we need in sourcing product for future customers. In the long run it allows us to truly understand what is in demand and which particular manufacturers out of those we are working with would be the most “worthy” to fulfill the regular shaving needs of our members.

We look forward to working with you at perfecting the perfect shave! You can subscribe hereto begin your journey to the perfect shave.

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