Some of the biggest reasons why men avoid wet shaving are due to time and incessant blemishes. Perhaps you remember the sting of your father’s aftershave, or your first foray with the razor and the painful, embarrassing nicks and cuts.

We get it. These situations would make anyone leery.

But, there is good news concerning wet shaving that you probably didn’t know. From preparing and caring for your skin before and after your shave, wet shaving is not fraught with danger. It’s actually quite easy!

Unfortunately, wet shaving is associated with being difficult and laborious. However, we are going to put these myths to rest and provide you with some tips and tricks to wet shaving that you will find more convenient than the dry shave.

And the best part? Your skin will never look better.

Don’t Feel the Burn: So, why does your father’s aftershave burn? Alcohol. Most aftershave products contain alcohol. If you think that trademark burn is just the product “working”, think again. Any burning sensation probably isn’t a good thing. So, think about what that burn is probably doing to your skin. Alcohol can dry out and dehydrate the face.

Consider using a soothing aftershave balm instead. Some aftershave balms do not use alcohol as the primary active ingredient. Therefore, your face is well moisturized and healthy. There are plenty of aftershaves that do not contain alcohol that you can easily find on store shelves and online.

The Secret is in the Bag: Many men avoid wet shaving simply due to frequent travel. After all, the trusty electric razor seems easier to pack and travel with rather than the lineup of products needed for a quality wet shave.

However, the truth is your wet shaving tools are travel friendly – even when flying. The key to a good wet shave while traveling is the bag. Using a small travel bag to carry your wet shave tools will easily fit in your luggage, and also keep your products and safety razor protected.

Hone-In On Your Technique: Most wet shavers get frustrated because they still can’t quite nail that great shave, even while persistently doing the proper pre-shave care, post-shave care, using sharp blades, and buying the best soap to lather. But the problem isn’t the products, it’s the person in the mirror…

Most wet shaving issues arise from improper technique. It’s important to be patient and cognizant when using a safety razor. This is why wet shaving typically requires more time than using a traditional cartridge razor. The key is understanding the proper angle and pressure while using a safety razor. All in all, honing in on your technique will result in a brilliant shave.

Wet shaving is a great way to improve your complexion. A proper wet shave results in clean, clear, and healthy skin. If you have been avoiding wet shaving due to frequent travel or the typical aftershave burn, you might just need to find the right products. Practice your technique, and wet shaving will become an enjoyable part of your day.

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