Most men grow up learning to shave as part of their morning routine, but have you ever actually asked whether that’s the right way to shave?

Another thought-provoking question: Is that the right way to shave for you?

This is a common conversation on men’s lifestyle forums, and for good reason. Think about it: Shaving is traumatic to your skin, regardless of how careful you are or which shaving products you use.

Sleep replenishes and heals the body, including your skin.

It stands to reason that shaving at night could potentially be a great way to reduce skin damage, such as hyper pigmentation and razor bumps. But are there any downsides?

Like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to nearly everything in life. In this article, we will review the pros and cons of shaving at night vs. shaving in the morning.

The Pros of Shaving at Night

Shaving at night has considerable benefits, which include:

  • You have less on your mind. The morning grind is always in the back of your mind when you shave right before work. Shaving as part of your nightly hygiene routine can be more relaxing for some men, which is definitely a benefit since shaving requires all of your attention and focus. 

  • You get the benefit of sleep. Instead of running off to work with fresh, red irritation all over your face, you get to put your body down for a break,allowing it time to repair irritation before you roll into work the next day. 

  • You get extra time. Shaving the “right” way requires precision, attention, and care. This often falls by the wayside when you have less than 15 minutes to get dressed and get out the door. When you shave in the evening, you can take your time and make sure your shave is as good as it gets so you truly look your best for the next day.

The Cons of Shaving at Night

Of course, shaving at night isn’t fool proof and it doesn’t work for everyone. Some disadvantages to shaving at night include the following:

  • The five o’clock shadow comes fast! The earlier you shave, the earlier your stubble grows back. If your beard seems to grow and fill in quickly, and you need to remain a clean-shaven look all day, then shaving at night might not be the best option for you.

  • Your skin might be less supple. Shaving right after your morning shower means your skin is prepped, soft, and ready to go. If you shave in the evening without showering beforehand, then you might find that shaving goes less smoothly and you end up with a poorer quality shave overall. 

  • You might miss your morning routine. For some men, the morning shave is a ritual that can’t be broken. If shaving right after your morning shower is how you ramp up for the day, then shaving at night might throw off your morning routine.

The Verdict: Do What Works for You

Ultimately, there’s no one way to shave that’s right for every man, and that goes for the time of day as well. Shaving at night has the benefits of overnight skin healing and getting a relaxed,focused shave without a deadline.

At the same time, men who prefer shaving in the morning might find that shaving at night leaves them stubbly, itchy, and feeling like their morning routine has been broken or disrupted.

Just like the razors and lubricants you use, whether you shave in the morning or night is up to you. Try it both ways and see what works!

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