Some of us were not born with the blessing of wispy hair and the need to shave on a “seldom” basis. No, some of us are actual Ogre’s or Sasquatches or whatever mythical creature you want to call us. In short, we grow hair everywhere.

The worst part about it is that it only gets worse over time and the need to trim, pluck and manage only becomes a more time-consuming activity as things grow in more quickly, as the forest gets more dense and as the trees get more gray (if you get my drift). If your family hails from Ireland or the Middle East somewhere, this may be a good description of proverbial cross you must bear in life.

Here we have outlined a few helpful tips for helping the Ogre/Sasquatch among us in keeping up with the daily shave routine.

  1. Shave what is necessary, simply trim the rest. Some manly manscaping Nazis will emphasize the need to go over every inch of your body with a cartridge or safety razor. Not so, time is of the essence in today’s world. Shave what is most critical: the face, the neckline. Trim the rest: the legs, chest, etc. If you really are obsessed with the post-manscaping feel of rubbing your legs between the sheets and are fine spending the extra time doing so, then by all means, but for most men, the face is more than enough responsibility.
  2. Keep to a strict regimen or routine. Find something that works for you and stick with it. For manscaping it might be once a month, for shaving the face, it might be every other day. Having a typical routine at least ensures things like the nose hairs and eyebrows do not get out of control.
  3. Solicit the opinion of others. Your wife, girlfriend or significant other will all their own opinions–which sometimes will be the best advice you will get regarding how to best perfect your own shaving habits. If you’re like the Ogre pictured in the image above, then your wife unfortunately failed you in that department.

On second thought, if you really are an Ogre or a Sasquatch, then you probably shouldn’t shave at all, but simply get let it grow. In that case, you’ll want to check out some of our various quality beard oils.

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