Making the decision to switch from using cartridge or electric razors to safety razors just might end up being the best choice for you and your personal grooming habits. But, how do you know which type of safety razor is right for you? The vast selection of safety razors can be intimidating. The first step to finding the right match is to understand your needs.

If you are brand new to using a safety razor, then there are several important considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right one. Some considerations include the following:

  • Price
  • Weight
  • Blade capacity
  • Blade replacement
  • Handle style and shape

When you’re ready to find the perfect safety razor, here are four tips that will give you the edge to make the right selection.

  1. Fixed vs. Adjustable: Safety razors come with both adjustable and fixed razor heads. Adjustable razor heads allow you to set the aggression level of the blade. The higher the aggression level, the more the blade is angled and exposed from the razor head gap. This creates a finer shave.

Conversely, a fixed razor head keeps the blade settings in place. If you prefer consistency, this is the right choice. Some shavers enjoy different lengths of their beards or stubble on occasion. If this sounds like you, then you would likely benefit most from using an adjustable razor head.

  1. The Right “Handling”: Every man’s hands are different; there is no one-size-fits all razor handle. Lightweight cartridge razors can cause nicks and cuts because they require applying additional pressure, which inevitably causes razor burn.

If you have larger hands, then you may want to consider a safety razor with a longer handle. These handles provide you with greater control over the razor. Be sure to also check the weight of the razor. If it is too light, it’s not right.

  1. A Proper Design: Aside from finding the right style and features, it is also important that the razor has the right feel. Ease of use is critical with any type of razor. If the razor easily glides along your face, then it’s probably the right one. Remember, less pressure means less friction, which means less nicks, cuts, and blemishes.
  1. Easy Blade Replacement. A good safety razor should allow you to replace the blades easily. After all, the more difficult it is to replace the blades, the less inclined you are to use a safety razor.

Don’t spend time forcing yourself to love your razor. There are plenty of safety razor options available. Using a safety razor is the best way to get a great shave. If you are tired of suffering with blemishes, nicks, and cuts and an unsatisfactory shave, then it may be time to make the switch from a cartridge razor to a safety razor. Choosing the best safety razor that works for you will make learning and adjusting to using a safety razor that much easier. Use the tips listed above to help make the best safety razor selection for you.

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