We are excited to announce the addition of a selection from the Turtleship Shave Co. line of tallow-based shaving soaps, including the following: 

  • Lime — For us, this is reminiscent of key lime pie and who doesn’t love key lime pie? It smells almost good enough to eat, so you won’t mind your face smelling of this deliciousness all…day…long! Lime is the only one in the series that contains essential oils only, meaning it is less likely to irritate those with sensitive skin.
  • Bay Rum — A truly classic scent with a tallow twist with a dash of citrus. It’s a splendid mix, we know you will love. Anyone who is a regular consumer of wet shaving products will be familiar with the base notes on this scent, but we are confident you will love the citrus combination!
  • Coconut — Do you want to feel like Gilligan and the Skipper? The tallow-based coconut shaving soap will leave you feeling like you busted out the coconut milk and started shaving shirtless on a deserted island.
  • Te Java — This is a unique blend of honey and milk tea. We absolutely love the flavor of this shave soap and we know you will too!

Each of these shaving soaps are hand-crafted from a grass-fed beef tallow, combined with raw honey and other premium quality ingredients. The lather is built from mango butter and beef tallow ingredients to create an extra creamy lather giving your face that slick shave baby-butt feel, pass-after-blessed-pass. You are nearly guaranteed to achieve the most blissful, baby smooth feel after every shave.

Each shaving soap is hand made in the U.S.A. and immediately available in the shaving soap section here.

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