Not all of us have the public notoriety that would allow us to wear a unibrow, let alone trademark it like Anthony Davis or lovingly and proudly create a self-portrait with one like Frida Kahlo:

No, for the unfortunate few of the rest of us, the unibrow still remains a notable social faux pas. It’s likeness is akin to other manly traits, like ear hair–all of which are most often spurned by the opposite gender.

Like Ms. Kahlo, even many of the ladies among us have still been blessed with a great deal of bodily hair which can have all sort of negative implications aside from a thick unibrow (e.g. forested legs that may require more frequent shaving).

Apart from sporting it proudly, what can the rest of us do? Outlined here are some of the pros, cons of the various options available for ridding yourself of a single eyebrow.

Shaving Your Unibrow

Using your disposable, cartridge or a safety razor to rid yourself of a beastly unibrow is probably the path of least resistance for the following reasons:

  • You already have the razor out to do your face or manscape the rest of your body. What’s a little extra cream and a quick scrape between the eyes without getting out extra tools?
  • There is no pulling and tugging and literally no pain compared to yanking them out by the roots when plucking or waxing.

But, what are the downsides?

Plucking vs. Waxing

Plucking and waxing are similar in their respective methods. Each gets to the root of the issue (pun intended) by completely eliminating the hair at its source. The benefit to plucking and waxing is that both tend to have greater longevity over simply shaving.

However, if your hair is thick and the roots are deep, there is likely to be a bit more pain involved when it comes time to pluck or wax.

When you eventually decide to do so, here are a few methods, available either at home or at your local salon (yes men, it is permissible to get your brows waxed or plucked at a salon without decreasing your manliness).

The simplest, but slowest at-home method for unibrow removal is getting a pair of tweezers and going to town.

Or, if you want to have someone help and are interested in learning the proper technique of eyebrow threading, the following is a great video for learning how to do it at home:

Eyebrow threading and waxing can also eliminate more than the unibrow, but they can help trip up the other areas as well–something that may not be as desirable for males unless you’ve been following the trends toward thick eyebrows of late.

My personal take: we’ll eventually question our sanity like we do now with fashions like bell bottoms from the 70’s and hot colors from the 90’s.

There are multiple ways to skin the uni-brow cat. What suits you can be customized to your individual needs, much like the art of wet shaving.

How do you remove your unibrows?

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