Are you brand new to shaving? Or is it time to revamp your shaving routine?

Regardless of your shaving experience or status, before you completely revamp your shaving routine, and swap out those old products for new ones, it may be helpful to perform a broad self-assessment of your routines and hardware.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips to help you determine the best wet shaving routine for you.

1. Water Temperature. One of the first decisions any shaver needs to make is water temperature. Do you prefer wet shaving with warm or cool water water? Some have wrongly supposed that cold water stiffens the hair to provide a cleaner cut, but for most the hotter the water, the better the shave. However, experimentation is the only way to determine which method is right for you. For instance, you may enjoy different temperatures of water depending on the time of year you are shaving.

2. Blade Exploration. Another important decision to make when determining your shaving routine is the blade or cartridge type. Different razor blades and cartridges are made with different materials, which can make a difference in the overall quality of your shave. Take the time to experiment with different types of blades and brands to see which you like the best.

3. Badger Hair Shaving Brush. Many men who try a badger hair brush for shaving are amazed with the results. Although badger hair shaving brushes are made with coarse bristles, they are incredibly soft when applied to the face. Badger hair shaving brushes not only lather up quickly, but they also hold in warmth from the lather, which leaves you with an awesome-feeling shave.

You can find badger hair shaving brushes online and in virtually any department or drug store. They are also available in different qualities—low grade to high grade—and are priced competitively. So, be sure to do your research prior to making a purchase.

4. Safety vs. Cartridge Razor. Another super important consideration is razor type. Sure, you can purchase the cheap cartridge razors at CVS or Walmart for $10-$20, depending on the pack size and brand. However, cheap razors don’t always ensure a quality shave. In fact, cheap razors are often the biggest culprits for razor burn.

Using a safety razor will cost you a little more upfront, however, we are willing to bet that once you use it, you will never go back to using a cartridge razor ever again.

Despite popular belief, safety razors do not cause more nicks and cuts. They are designed in such a way that does not cause you to put more pressure than what is necessary on the handle, which reduces friction, and ultimately results in fewer breakouts, razor burn, and nicks and cuts.

5. Alum Block. If you haven’t heard of an alum block before, prepare to be amazed… If you seem to constantly suffer from razor burn (which might be the reason why you want to revamp your shaving routine in the first place), then try using an alum block after your shave.

An alum block looks like a bar of soap. It is made with potassium alum—hence its name. Potassium alum contains antiseptic properties, which can provide a nice cooling sensation after a shave.

Some shavers love using an alum block; others not so much… However, alum blocks are fairly inexpensive, so it just might be worth giving one a try.

A Better Shaving Routine Awaits…

Now that you are armed with some tips and things to consider before you begin a new shaving routine, you can try different techniques and products in order to best determine the best shaving routine for you.

Never estimate a good, quality shave. The look and feel of your face are worth it.

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