The rise of the modern beardsman is likely due, at least in-part, to the struggle many men have with the entire process of shaving. Shaving takes time out of your day. Shaving is recurring. For most of us, shaving is just a simple chore and fact of life. It’s not enjoyable, it’s neutral. But for many men (and even some women), the act of shaving is associated with pain, blemishes and frustration.

Enter Razor Bumps

Not everyone is accustomed to a smooth, post-shave experience. For many men and women, shaving has very negative connotations and side-effects.

Razor bumps most frequently occur when hair which has been cut below the surface of the skin attempts to grow. When this occurs, the below-the-skin hairs often do not have a direct path to the surface and so they frequently will grow sideways or back into the skin directly.

These in-grown hairs can create very uncomfortable and unsightly bumps often referred to as razor bumps or razor burn.

Razor bumps are more common among those with curlier facial hair as the hair tends to grow many more directions than out.

Razor bumps are not only uncomfortable if left untreated, they can cause scarring to occur. This is especially noxious for those who tend to get razor bumps directly on their face.

If this is you, or you are afraid this could eventually be you, it would be wise to visit your dermatologist to get an expert opinion.

How to avoid shaving the hair below the skin line 

Because nature controls the direction your hair grows, it is best to focus on the areas that you can actually control. Luckily, you have more control than you think.

Shaving your hair off below the skin is more typical among those who use cartridge razors to shave.

The multi-blade razors tend to work in tandem in a way that will create hair cut below the surface of the skin. When a cartridge razor with multiple blades cuts, it does so only after a preceding blade pulls the hair away from the surface of the skin. This pull/tug and then cut process is repeated countless times across your face while you glide across it with this type of razor.

And while it may produce a close shave, it also greatly increases the likelihood of razor bumps later.

One-blade razors can customize against this issue and can provide a much more comfortable post-shave experience, devoid of painful and ugly razor bumps.

It’s only one of the reasons many women have opted to start shaving their legs using a traditional safety razor.

If you use a cartridge razor, it is likely the very cause of your razor bumps. You can more easily avoid them by switching to a safety razor.

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