Shaving is more than just a to-be-avoided chore. It’s also more than simply a means to an end. Hair removal should become more than a process, rather than an event. When we start to look at shaving through a different lens–perhaps as something to be enjoyed–it will change the way we approach the process of hair removal. The process of traditional wet shaving can fill this role for those who 1) may want to save money on their shaving routine or 2) simply want to increase the quality and enjoyable nature of their entire shaving experience.

The Shaving Millenial

Millenials (those born between 1980 and 1995) have been the subject and target of many a marketer, particularly as this group of strapping youth “come of age” in an era where digital technologies and immediate gratification are right at their fingertips.

This group of rising consumerists grew up when the internet was coming of age. They’re tech-savvy, fairly well-educated and are tapped-in to the latest trends.  Many have opted for growing their preferred beard style rather than picking up the razor. As a group, their styles are more in-flux than perhaps any generation.

Unfortunately, millenials are also more prone to some negatives. For instance, they have higher instances of suicide, greater propensity to overdose on drugs and are more prone to depression.

Consequently, the benefits of wet shaving cannot be understated enough for the millenial crowd:

  1. Wet shaving is more challenging. In a world where simple fixes are the norm, many men and women are looking for ways to learn new skills, impress a friend or simply feel accomplished. In a small way, learning to wet shave with a safety razor or a straight razor can provide such an outlet. Yes, there is more of a learning curve, but the challenge can provide a small sense of accomplishment and differentiation among peers.
  2. Wet shaving is more enjoyable. It may take a couple more minutes to complete the morning routine when you are using a shave brush, quality shaving soap and a single blade razor, but the experience will be worth the marginal cost in your time. The heat, exfoliation and down-right man-pampering that takes place in wet shaving provides a little bit of relaxed indulgence in an otherwise busy day.
  3. Wet shaving is less expensive. While the entry point into wet shaving may run $30 to $50 at a minimum for a high quality shaving set and brush, the recurring cost of hair removal and maintenance with a safety razor is significantly less than a cartridge razor. Gillette Fusion blades or even Dorco (brought to you by Dollar Shave Club) run between $2 and $4 per cartridge. The cheaper (and still high quality) double edge safety razor blades will run you from $0.10 to $0.25–over 1/10th the ongoing cost of your cartridge razor counterparts.
  4. Wet shaving is retro. I would not use this as the only excuse for millenials to start shaving with a safety razor, but it certainly can be a contributing factor.

Retro shaving gear is also helpful when you are looking to adopt more than just the shaving techniques of your grandfather. In starting the foray into wet shaving you are likely to begin to recognize other areas of your life that could use a reversion to 1950’s America. There is a reason they call them the greatest generation–and it’s not because they wet shaved. Reverting to this form of shaving can help take us back to a time when men were men and the art of manliness was accompanied by a shave mug and shave puck. 

Reversion to old-school techniques is more than a swing-back to the desire of today’s millenial hipsters. No, it’s a means of providing a daily pampered indulgence to a generation who seem to be perpetually caught in a all-too-often fast-paced rat race.

There is a reason many millenials are switching to wet shaving.

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