New masculine consumer trends are leading more men to take up the torch of manscaping. In doing so, some men are simply trimming the more publicly-visible areas (like the arms, legs, chest and underarms), while some are taking it to the extreme, including shaving their testicles. But, there are arguably many reasons to completely avoid shaving your balls altogether. We will discuss just a few of those here.

Your Balls Were Never Meant to Be Shaved

Of all the external parts on the male anatomy that naturally grow hair, the testicles are the area that is perhaps the least friendly to getting scraped with a razor. In fact, if you were to take a poll with the provoking question, “which area of the human body would be the least likely to get shaved?” the answer would most likely come back as the scrotum. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It’s a sensitive area. If the balls were meant to be shaved, they should have been made out of walnut or oak, but alas they are very sensitive.
  2. The hair is there for a reason. More on this later, but evolution put the hair there for a good reason. Why remove what nature has been so kind to provide?
  3. The skin is too loose. A big strategy in shaving any hair is to ensure the skin you are cutting against is as taut as possible. The saggy, wrinkled skin of the scrotum is the least favorable for running a very sharp razor across. Getting the skin tight down there is a skill some have not yet mastered.
  4. They’re private. They’re called “privates” for a reason. Very few are going to see them and if they see them in a shaved state, expecting something different, it might cause gawking.

If balls were meant to be shaved, they would already come without hair. Yes, the same could be said for faces, but the difficulty differential in shaving a face vs. your balls is substantial.

**News Flash** — Balls Are Hairy

While this may sound like the obvious statement of the century, it is important to realize that the male genitalia is probably one of the hairiest areas on any human being, inch-for-inch. That means the hair and cleanup requirements after a manscaping session of your little boys is going to be significant. You probably can’t just wash the hair down the drain as it could clog.

Shaving down there is more likely to leave stray short curly hairs in your bathroom, shower and even in your underpants, depending on where, when and how you performed your manscaping duties.

Shaving your balls is ill advised if you don’t want to clean up a hairy mess of pubes.

Shaving Your Balls Holds Inherent Risk

It goes without saying, but shaving your balls has specific and inherent risks associated. Both the scrotal skin and the accompanying “package” housed therein are tender items. Hurting one can cause direct damage to the other and irritate the general region. Taking a sharp object, whether it’s electric razor, a cartridge razor or a straight razor (please say, “no!”), holds risks to both your scrotum and testicles.

Unless you intend on manscaping your balls with a straight razor, the risk of you pulling one of these is greatly diminished, but that still doesn’t mean you do not run the risk of cutting yourself. A cut to the raisins may take more time to heal, but the sweat and chaffing down there could leave you walking bow-legged for days, or longer.

Public hair is also more susceptible to razor bumps and razor burn because the hair is naturally more curly. Believe me, a nick to the nads is not what you want.

No One Cares About Your Boys

Because your privates are most certainly meant to stay private, the number of people that are going to see your twig and berries is going to be relatively small. So, if your motivation for shaving your balls is strictly aesthetics, you may want to rethink shaving if only a handful of people might appreciate a tightly-groomed genital region.

Given that few people will see them and likely an even fewer still will appreciate the time spent or the aesthetics gained from a nice trimming, the hassle of going through the prickly stage of shaving down is likely not worth the risk.

In fact, it is more than likely that those viewing a completely groomed pair may be taken aback when they expect to see something different (i.e. hair) than the bald rat appearing before them.

Balls Were Not Meant to Be Attractive

Those that see and care may hold more weight, but when it comes to your balls, I would opt for function over form. There is quite literally nothing you can do to improve the look and aesthetics of the male anatomy. It is what it is. A little less hair is likely going to make it look even more weird, not less especially if anyone seeing it is expecting to see the latter.

Do yourself a favor, if you manscape, do so with care and caution, perhaps trimming your pubic hair around your testicles and penis, but don’t shave it. Everyone around you will thank you.

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