Great news! Our customers can now become members of one of our many shave subscription plans. With the subscription replenishment plan, customers can choose from a wide variety of their most regularly used products and choose which ones they would like regularly delivered and at what intervals they would like the deliveries to take place.

Here’s How to Subscribe 

Simply visit the product page of the item you are looking to purchase on a recurring basis. If the item is available for subscription, you will see something that looks like the following near the “Add to Cart” button. Simply select the “Subscribe and Save” button at the bottom right. Once selected, you will be able to indicate at what intervals you would like the replenishment products sent.

In doing so, also remember to select the total quantity of the product you would like to be sent.

As you walk through the purchase process, you may be prompted additional times as to the level of your subscription. Remember, subscribing is completely optional and you can simply login to your account at anytime and cancel your subscription. There is no long-term commitment.

Benefits of Subscribing 

As a subscriber you automatically save off of the regular price of select, recurring products that are listed on our website and which we currently hold in stock.

Subscribing also allows you to “set it and forget it.” For those who may have difficulty in remembering to purchase or replenish their razor blades, shaving soaps or shaving creams each month, the subscription takes care of this for you.

We fully recognize that those who regularly purchase double-edge safety razor blades, once a large pack is purchased, there is likely not need to purchase them again for another year or more. We love that about single blade shaving. It’s what is best for the consumer. However, if you’re a cartridge razor shaver or you really love a particular soap or cream, using the subscribe button is helpful in getting the items you want at the intervals that make sense to you.

And, since you can choose to only have your blades and other accouterments delivered once each month or simply once a year, it makes for a simple and effective means for those that may not regularly follow all of the shaving forums and shaving blogs.

We love this feature and hope you will too!

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