While most wet shaving products have traditionally been pedaled toward men and facial hair, a growing number of women are catching on to some of the benefits associated with safety razor wet shaving which include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • A significant decrease in skin irritation
  • A closer, more customized shave experience
  • The razor blades costs are more economical
  • Safety razors are better for the environment
  • The razors are easier to clean

As women start to catch on to the benefits of wet shaving, they will be further contributing to less environmental waste while obtaining a more customized and enjoyable shave–a win-win for both the environment and the user. With the other half of the population still mostly married to multi-blade cartridge razors, even a small portion of the female population moving toward wet shaving with a safety razor can make an impact especially over the long term.

Skin Sensitivity Cures Using Safety Razors 

Men are not the only ones with skin sensitivity issues related directly to cartridge razor use. Women with sensitive leg and bikini line skin also experience uncomfortable and unsightly razor bumps and razor burn. Solving razor bumps on the bikini line is most easily cured through the use of a quality double edged safety razor. By exposing the skin to a single blade, the skin is much less likely to become irritated and inflamed.

And because using a safety razor means you’ll generally be changing out the razor more frequently, there will be less opportunities for the razor to get covered in bacteria that can cause further irritation.

Other Considerations for Wet Shaving Women Using a Safety Razor 

Are you a woman considering getting into wet shaving as a replacement for your cartridge razor? If so, there are a number of other considerations to take on before you begin the process. Some of those might include:

  • The initial cost is higher, but you will more than make up for it on the back-end. Yes, wet shaving is cheaper in the long run, but there is a higher entry cost to get started. Luckily though, you can get your first wet shaving kit for <$30 through our website at https://shave.net/. Initially, I would simply purchase a razor and a few blades to get started. You may eventually get a hankering for some fancy women’s shaving soap and a shave brush, but in the beginning as you are experimenting with your wet shave technique it is wholly unnecessary. Just use some old shaving cream after preparing your skin with hot water. Remember, you can always spend more money on accessories later, but keep things simple with your first investment.
  • There is a learning curve. Getting experienced in wet shaving does require more skill and precision. But, such skill can be accomplished through continuous experimentation with both accouterments and technique to nail the perfect shave that works best for you.
  • Be prepared to spend two or three minutes longer. Shaving with a safety razor does take a minute or two longer to perform than a cartridge razor, but the time differential is marginal when compared to the long term cost and quality improvements you will experience. Be patient. Your speed will increase will time and that gap will quickly become negligible or disappear altogether.
  • You’ll likely enjoy the experience more. Like the men, women often find shaving with a safety razor to be a much more spa-like experience. Rather than treating shaving as a chore, shaving your legs with a safety razor can actually increase the enjoyment of the overall experience.

In a previous article, we outline many of both the reasons for switching and proper technique for how to shave your legs with a safety razor. In the article, we discuss the basic “how to” process for getting started.

Choosing the Right Safety Razor 

For most women, a safety razor that is less aggressive is often preferred, especially as you begin the process of shaving sensitive areas with a single blade. For instance, closed-comb razors offer a

less aggressive shave, but still cut well enough so as to provide ample hair removal.

In addition, women wet shavers can also experiment with different types of double edge razor blades to see which ones do the best job cutting through their leg hair. Like the men, some women have more forested legs than others. Some blades are better for forests, others work best for shrubbery (if you know what I mean).


Women are finding that wet shaving their legs with a safety razor to be a much more all-around enjoyable experience. In addition, once you get accustomed to shaving in this old and better way, you can then start experimenting with various shaving brushes, shaving soaps and other accessories. In all, even in the long-run you will get more from your shaving experience and it will still continue to save you money year-over-year.

Ladies, it’s time to give a safety razor a test drive to see if doing so is right for you. Take a look around on our site. Many women love our anodized safety razor (pictured above).

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