Every since the advent of subscription-based shaving clubs, including the front-runner Dollar Shave Club, alternatives have emerged. Even Dollar Shave Club–with their fantastically witty advertisements has attempted to move beyond the idea of shaving just for men, now tailoring their content for the women side of the spectrum as well.

Yes, women shave too. In fact, it is likely that women shave much more than men do as hair on women is much more taboo.

Even Charles Darwin in his Descent of Man promulgated (incorrectly) that women were evolutionarily more likely to have less bodily hair.

The absence of hair on the body is to a certain extent a secondary sexual character; for in all parts of the world women are less hairy than men. Therefore we may reasonably suspect that this character has been gained through sexual selection. We know that the faces of several species of monkeys, and large surfaces at the posterior end of the body of other species, have been denuded of hair; and this we may safely attribute to sexual selection, for these surfaces are not only vividly coloured, but sometimes, as with the male mandrill and female rhesus, much more vividly in the one sex than in the other, especially during the breeding-season. I am informed by Mr. Bartlett that, as these animals gradually reach maturity, the naked surfaces grow larger compared with the size of their bodies. The hair, however, appears to have been removed, not for the sake of nudity, but that the colour of the skin may be more fully displayed. So again with many birds, it appears as if the head and neck had been divested of feathers through sexual selection, to exhibit the brightly-coloured skin.

As the body in woman is less hairy than in man, and as this character is common to all races, we may conclude that it was our female semi-human ancestors who were first divested of hair, and that this occurred at an extremely remote period before the several races had diverged from a common stock. Whilst our female ancestors were gradually acquiring this new character of nudity, they must have transmitted it almost equally to their offspring of both sexes whilst young; so that its transmission, as with the ornaments of many mammals and birds, has not been limited either by sex or age. There is nothing surprising in a partial loss of hair having been esteemed as an ornament by our ape-like progenitors, for we have seen that innumerable strange characters have been thus esteemed by animals of all kinds, and have consequently been gained through sexual selection…

… With respect to the completion of the process through sexual selection, it is well to bear in mind the New Zealand proverb, “There is no woman for a hairy man.” All who have seen photographs of the Siamese hairy family will admit how ludicrously hideous is the opposite extreme of excessive hairiness. And the king of Siam had to bribe a man to marry the first hairy woman in the family; and she transmitted this character to her young offspring of both sexes.

Whilst this would appear as somewhat of a digression, it is important to note that not only was Darwin subject to his own biases of what was more or less natural for the female of the species but it would appear he also expected women to be less hairy.

Without further adieu, here are some of the ladies shave clubs who are penetrating the already hostile razor wars.


When we expect ladies to have less bodily hair, ads like that created for Billie’s “Project Hair” campaign seem to slap in the face of what we would take as traditional societal norm:

By the comments, however, we can see that people like the against-the-grain approach.

Their contrarian style with their new “Project Body Hair” has been received among both men and women. They are currently the most prolific among other players out due in part to their genius ad approach.

All Girl’s Shave Club 

Like the folks at MyBillie, the All Girl’s Shave Club provides a subscription-based shave club for ladies only. The All Girl’s Shave Club provides more than just the blades and razor, but the gift boxes comes almost as a complete care package. Their highest monthly package costs $33 before shipping.

They sell the handles for $6 and the blades run about $2.25 a piece.

Angel’s Shave Club 

Similar to the All Girl’s Shave Club and Billie, the Angel’s Shave Club also provides a shaving subscription to women. They have a Free Trial version and charge a similar $2.25 price for their individual cartridge blades.

Interestingly both the All Girl’s Shave Club and the Angel’s Shave Club are procuring their ladies shave club cartridge razors from the same manufacturer we do in China. Hard to differentiate based on anything more than price (or perhaps up-sells, service and perks) if the razors and blades are identically the same.

There remains a segment in the ladies corner who actually want quality options so ladies can shave their legs with a safety razor.

While there are options that the ladies can choose when it comes to subscribing to a shave club, they are much more limited than the men’s versions and there are many women who have joined other primarily men-focused shave clubs as well.

Are there other ladies shave clubs we are missing here? If so, please do share and we will include them.

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