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Shave.net is dedicated to the proposition that when men shave, they should focus more on enjoy-ability rather than expense. We want to add some manly spice into an otherwise boring and dull routine.
Shave.net was started not only because the price of razors was becoming too high, but because there is a better way to shave using a safety or a straight razor.
Shave.net provides traditional wet shaving and cartridge razor shaving to real men (and women) looking for a real shave. We are based in sunny Seattle, Washington. We are a team of product, procurement and fulfillment specialists, dedicated to the best customer support imaginable.
What Our Customers Says
We aim to provide the best experience for our customers. Please get in touch with us at anytime to discuss your shaving needs. We are always looking to get pointers to add more products to our growing product base. We also love to hear from you via our shaving blog where you can post your stories of your recent shave. Join the community today.
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