This “Barber Pole” Omega shaving brush was handmade in Italy by the Omega Brush company.

The Omega Hi Brush Barber Pole shaving brush is a high quality synthetic tool for your morning shave routine. Sporting a colorful “barber pole” handle, this brush is a throwback to the classic bygone days of neighborhood barber shops.

The knot is built with high quality, high technology, densely-packed synthetic fibers, giving you the closest possible natural bristle feel possible without irritating the skin. This brush is made to quickly create a thick lather for maximum outlay of lather at minimal effort.

It’s one of the more eye-catching brushes we offer and it comes at a reasonable price-point.

Barber Pole Shave Brush Features

The fibers used to manufacture this brush are the result of years in development of innovative technology, which led to a product very close to natural fibers. Resistance, elasticity and softness, as well as the high performance in generating a rich lather, make this brush the best and most effective alternative to traditional shaving.

For the best preservation of your shave brush, we recommend great care after shaving, by rinsing it thoroughly in clean, warm water, never boiling, and by letting it dry upside down on a proper shave stand, when possible.

Packaging: Single brush
Loft: 58 mm
Knot: 25 mm
Overall height: 112 mm

The images shown are for illustrative purposes only, the product could have unique details due to the raw material and to manual processing. The dimensions may differ slightly from those indicated. 

Weight 2 kg


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Barber Pole Synthetic Fiber Omega Shaving Brush


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