Ball Magic is a ideal accessory for the testicles of the active man. Our partners at Ball Magic have concocted the perfect blend of great smelling natural ingredients in hands-down the best ball-sack spray on the market.

Your little boys deserve an invigorating, chafe-free ride betwixt your thighs. This no bull spray is made for easy application at nearly anytime or any situation (within reason).

Ball Magic’s proprietary testicle spray is great for use in pre or post-workout, post-shower and any other time your boys need quality refreshment.

Once you try the invigorating blend, you will be hooked!

Features of Ball Magic include:

  • Anti-itch lubrication
  • Invigoration and revitalization with essential oils
  • Anti-viral/bacterial with the help of quality blend of essential oils
  • Anti-chafe for workout time or bedroom time (wink, wink)

How to apply 

We highly advise testing on a less sensitive area of your skin before applying to your scrotum. Discontinue use immediately if you experience any adverse reactions. 

1. Use the Ball Magic ball sack/scrotum spray to spritz your precious “undercarriage” with the desired amount of testicle-lubricating juice.

2. Rub to apply more fully (just don’t get too vigorous 🙂

3. Get moving with a fresher, chafe-free life.

Made From a Special Blend of Spices, Exotic Oils

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Ball Magic – Testicle Spray


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