Imperial Classic Pomade is advertised as America’s strongest holding water-based pomade.It’s the professional solution available for in-home use.

With an smooth and even application, Imperial’s Classic Pomade provides the ability to adjust the strength of the hold based on the amount of water combined with the pomade. For stronger hold, apply more product with less water. A lighter hold requires more water and less pomade. Imperial’s Classic Pomade re-engages with water for easier re-styling. You can have a great hold, but easily rinse out the product at the end of the day. It’s also great for both straight and curly hair.

It’s also water re-activatable, which allows for easy re-styling with just a bit of water. And the best part? You get an amazing hold with the simple convenience of rinsing out the product clean and easy.

Get that traditional American style with Imperial’s Classic Pomade, the best water-based pomade on the market.

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Imperial Classic Pomade


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