The Fox Trading Co’s Legendary Lumberjack Beard Oil offers a crisp woodsy aroma, perfect for both today’s urban beardsman or lumbersexual. This clean, earthy scent comes complete with seven woodsy essential oils meant to give you that “I just spent my entire day chopping down trees.”

The woody scent includes ingredients that will bring out your inner lumberjack, but that are subtle enough to use as a regular daily beard oil. However, we will warn you, this particular beard oil has stronger tones than our Outdoor Adventurer beard oil.

The proprietary woodman’s blend represents a wholesome mix of some of our favorite lumberjack-inspired carrier and essential oils of wholesomeness!

The Legendary Lumberjack beard oil blend is made to solve the flaky, itchy, dandruff-y and scratchy scratchiness of the thickest of lumberjack facial hedges. Just a few applied drops perhaps two or three times a day will help to both alleviate beard and skin dryness but also leave your beard looking great!

These not-so-subtle tones will provide the hands-on facial follicle nourishment your beard need for a pristine look devoid of heavy greasiness.

Beard Oil Features:

  • Solve the flaky dryness and itchy redness associated with both short and long beards. 
  • Non-comedogenic solution to keeping pores open and skin clear. 
  • Top performance thanks to the PH balanced blend that acts as both a protecting balm and a natural moisturizer for hair and skin.   
  • Preserves and softens hair follicles for more ease in beard combing and grooming. 

The Legendary Lumberjack Beard Oil is a therapeutic solution to your beard oil needs, providing a spa-grade experience for both skin and beard.

Beard Oil Ingredients: Grapeseed, Jojoba, Pine, Vitamin E, Orange, Juniper, Orange, Black Spruce, Atlas Cedar, Grand Fur, Silver Fur, Lavender, Grapefruit and Cypress. Traces of Argan oils may be present in some blends.

Add a clean, crisp, woodsy jolt to your morning while at the same time providing proper hydration to your skin and fur. Legendary Lumberjack is a woodcutter’s game changing beard oil.

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Legendary Lumberjack Beard Oil


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