Flasks, watches, and whiskey might be traditional gifts for groomsmen, but they’re far from unique. Besides, what if your groomsmen don’t drink? It’s time to break tradition. Consider the following gift ideas to give your groomsmen something special. 

1. A safety razor

Safety razors are the next best thing to a straight razor, yet they’re easier and safer to use. They’re also inexpensive and will last for many years to come. Surprisingly, there are plenty of men out there who haven’t had the pleasure of shaving with a safety razor.

Generations of men have relied on safety razors to get a clean shave every day. Only in recent years have they been replaced with dull, multi-blade disposable razors that leave your face full of bumps and irritation. Show your groomsmen what it’s like to shave like their great grandpa shaved.

Even if your groomsmen already have a safety razor, there’s always room for one more. They can put the extra razor in their travel bag and never worry about forgetting to bring the right razor.

Your gift of a safety razor will make a huge difference in the way your groomsmen feel about shaving. Once they try it, they’ll never go back to using disposable or cartridge razors.

2. Shaving soap

If you’re going to give your groomsmen a safety razor, toss in some shaving soap and a scuttle.

In the context of tradition, shaving soap can be superior to shaving cream because you need to create the lather by hand. It doesn’t make sense to go for a traditional shave and resort to using pre-made lather. Also, many shaving creams have ingredients that dry out your skin. It’s been a while since traditional wet shaving was the norm, so men have become accustomed to dry skin as though it’s simply part of shaving.

Don’t let your groomsmen use inferior shaving cream. Encourage them to go all the way with a traditional wet shave by giving them a nice puck of hydrating shaving soap.

3. A boar’s hair shaving brush

If you’re going for the shaving theme for groomsmen gifts, be sure to toss in a high-quality boar’s hair shaving brush. You can’t make shaving lather without a shaving brush.

Chances are, your groomsmen are used to lathering up their face with canned shaving cream. If they’ve never had to make their lather from scratch, they’ll be in for a real treat with a shaving brush.

Even if they end up preferring canned shaving cream, they’ll still enjoy using a shaving brush to lather up their face.

4. A high-quality cigar box

Your groomsmen may not smoke, but cigar boxes aren’t just for cigars. Cigar boxes make wonderful gift boxes for just about anything, including a traditional shaving kit. If you’ve decided to give your groomsmen a safety razor and all the necessary accessories, a cigar box will make the best presentation.

5. Personalized cufflinks

Back in the 1600s, only royalty wore cufflinks. By the 1800s, men were wearing them as a fashion statement and when the 1950s rolled around, cufflinks became a standard accessory for men.

Cufflinks are a common gift for groomsmen, but they’ll be cherished forever when you personalize them. You could have cufflinks engraved with each person’s initials, or you could buy unique cufflinks for each groomsmen. For example, if you know one of your groomsmen is a die-hard Metallica fan, get them Metallica cufflinks. Find out what they like and match the personalized cufflinks to their interests.

6. A personalized docking station

Make life easy for your groomsmen when they walk in the door with a personalized docking station. Most guys just toss their keys on the counter when they walk in the door, but this docking station will give your groomsmen a central place to stash their keys, watch, smartphone, and anything else they want to keep track of. It also doubles as a charging station.

Instead of personalizing it with each person’s name or initials, be creative and come up with something inspiring. Names are cool, but who wants to stare at their name? Find an inspiring quote that will keep your groomsmen inspired while they work at their desk.

7. The Keysmart key holder

Traditional key rings are a thing of the past. Not only are they noisy, but they’re difficult to use when you’ve got too many keys on one ring. The Keysmart key holder will solve those issues for your groomsmen. Plus, the Pro version comes with Bluetooth and a smart location app you can use on your phone to find your keys if they go missing. The button on the key holder can also be used to locate your phone by making it ring, even if your phone is on silent.

8. A superhero bow tie

Not all groomsmen like to smoke and drink; some are comic book nerds and deserve a gift they’ll love. 

Head over to Etsy to see what kind of superhero bow ties are available for your nerdy friends. While you’re at it, you may want to make superhero bow ties required attire for your wedding. How cool would that be? 

9. Wacky socks

If your groomsmen are a little bit wacky, get them a Happy Socks gift box. The colors are bright, the patterns are bold, and the people willing to wear them are brave. If that sounds like your groomsmen, it’s the perfect gift.

10. Mix and match your gifts

When your groomsmen have a variety of interests, it’s hard to get a gift they’ll all enjoy. You don’t have to settle for something boring just because a few people wouldn't appreciate a bold gift. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your gifts according to each person’s tastes. You don’t have to give everyone the same gift. If you end up giving people gifts they don’t like, they can always trade with each other.

Above all, be intentional with your gifts

You can personalize just about anything online, but that doesn’t mean you should. Choose your gifts intentionally, and appreciate your groomsmen with a gift they’ll treasure forever.


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