The Snarky’s five blade wonder is our one and ONLY cartridge razor and a very popular addition to the bathroom of wusses, pansies and snowflakes. If you can’t stand the heat of a straight or even a safety razor than these blades are made perfect for your supple boy face.

You can either use this product or we will ship you a cat with some cow udder cream to come lick the peach fuzz from your upper lip, you yellow-livered sissy!

This premium cartridge razor is at the pinnacle of the shaving summit. Each cartridge includes five, coated stainless steal blades, a pivoting head and a lubricating strip for maximum comfort. This purchase includes the razor handle + 4 cartridges. Click here to subscribe to our regular replenish service for the blades.

Compare this patented blade with the price and features of the leading cartridge razor blade brands. Subscribe for regular replacement shipping and have the blades sent straight to your door every month.

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Razor Handle & Cartridge Blade Combo Pack

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