These Shark super chrome double edge razor blades deliver a fantastically luxurious, smooth and comfortable shave. Used by barbers and at-home wet shavers alike, these premium blades are manufactured at the absolute highest standard of quality in an ISO2000 facility. We are confident you will fall in love with Shark’s unparalleled focus on quality. Save today by subscribing or purchasing larger quantities. We are confident you will love these blades as much as we do. 
About the Blades 
  • Each individual tuck of blades contains five (5) individually-wrapped, double edged blades. 
  • These stainless steel super chome blades include a polymer coating to ensure smoothness and maintain blade integrity and longevity.  
  • These blades deliver one of the smoothest shaves available anywhere.
  • These premium quality blades can be used in nearly any standard double-edged safety razor. 

How to Use

Remove blade from its individual package and insert into double-edge razor. When finished, care should be taken not to wide the blade dry. Simply shake dry. Doing so will help prolong the useful life of your blade.

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Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades, Super Chrome


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